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"Aku Sendiri Takut Nonton Film Itu" Perasaan Haruma Miyura, Aktor Jepang yang Ditemukan Mati Bunuh Diri Diungkap oleh Roomatesnya yg Ketemu Semasa Kuliah di London, Inggris

Sepertinya dia sangat tertekan
bbbynl @bbbynl

A Chinese student who was Haruma’s roommate in London wrote this in 2017 “How does it feel being Haruma Miura’s roommate” #三浦春馬 #HarumaMiura…

19/07/2020 00:41:13 WIB
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#blacklivesmatter @ourbigbreak

@bbbynl Thank you for sharing. It made me cry to think someone could be in this much pain and yet never showed it as to not inconvenient other people.

19/07/2020 04:04:46 WIB
izzanzan @izzanlime

@bbbynl Thanks you for sharing ❤️ .. he’s so hardworking and kindhearted guy, unfortunately the company didnt recognizing his pain 😭😭

19/07/2020 06:15:52 WIB
Kris Dimatulac @KrisDimatulac

@bbbynl This just makes me adore him even more. Please rest well our beautiful angel. We dearly miss you here.

19/07/2020 08:23:02 WIB
abtomat⁷💙💚❤💛💜 @aabtomatt

@bbbynl Thank you for sharing, makes me appreciate the kind of person he was.

19/07/2020 08:27:23 WIB
Tapioca @QuanYehet

@bbbynl Thank you ❤ I'm happy to see read these memories of him. Also sad to see that he had an active status on insta and not anymore 😭😭

19/07/2020 08:49:43 WIB
云来 @yunlaiqin

@bbbynl thank you for sharing. He was a lovely soul. I'm crying rn 💔😭

19/07/2020 08:50:00 WIB
望😷 @sh_an_es529

@bbbynl Thank you for sharing 😭😭😭Miss him so much

19/07/2020 09:02:00 WIB
cics 🦄 @venderpeach

@bbbynl thank you for sharing...... may he found a peace now. rest in peace🌹

19/07/2020 09:08:11 WIB
Mrs. N @nugufuggu

@bbbynl I'm not his fan (just a passerby likes watching a drama) but I like his Kimi no Todoke. It's unfortunate. Judgmental society that made him like this. As a depression person myself, it's hard to keep up, I know that. May he rest in peace.

19/07/2020 09:12:14 WIB
Dear Name @DearName73

@bbbynl Thanks for sharing but sometimes I wonder Do human need to gone/die first then after that people will start talk and care about his/her pain? Some heart already shattered around which can’t be make in a piece anymore. Not all people will say aloud that they need Help

19/07/2020 09:20:57 WIB
Ririe A093 @rieminhee93

@dinopaw @bbbynl Yaampuuuun Harumaaa. Dia soft heart banget ini mah... tekanan kerjaan juga ternyata. Aduuuuh iiih sediiiiih atuhlaaaaah. Itu orang kantornya kebangetan ah ngomong begitu. Sedih atuhlaaah.

19/07/2020 09:25:55 WIB
𝙲𝚢𝚛𝚗 ☾ @Jjelly_yC

@bbbynl I've only saw him in Koizora and l actually cried watching that movie. I'm not really an avid fan but hearing what happen to him it makes me sad, he's such a great actor. May he rest in peace and found his lost soul.

19/07/2020 09:34:20 WIB
jeongcheoltrash🌧 |xxjaiyouxx | xiaogui | zhangjun @ZhuangMimi

@bbbynl I promised my self to stop crying from ow on coz i've been crying too much since yesterday but I can't help it, he's such an incredible man and it's so heartbreaking to see him go like this 💔

19/07/2020 09:38:00 WIB
Ririe A093 @rieminhee93

@dinopaw Iya sih bnernya itu. Soalnya ceritanya sbnernya yg bikin kurang gereget mah. Haruma meranin doang. Tp sedih aja atuh kaaaa masa diteken terus wasting time pula bilang nya... keterlaluan aja itu juga.. sedih banget aseli inii mah.

19/07/2020 09:49:48 WIB
Ririe A093 @rieminhee93

@dinopaw Iya nah itu kaaa. Terlalu baiknya dia kepikiran kemana2 jadinya mungkin ya. ga kuat aku bayangin dia ga sengaja baca komen2 ttg aot sampe bikin dia bilang gamau ntn itu. Gila sih sedih banget pastinyaaaa. Pdhl dia cb healing ke london gt. Eh si kantor Amuse knp dah suruh gawe.

19/07/2020 10:04:08 WIB
Saltybitter Singleton 🇮🇩 @arumaacchi

@bbbynl Thanks so muh for translating and sharing this to us 💕💕 Harumacchi was such an amazing human being, so respectable, and so kind. It's very devastating to know that he's been holding himself back and kept all his problems to his own. I'm still crying 😭😭

19/07/2020 10:13:28 WIB
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