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Tweets from #educon 25th - 27th January 2013 Philadelphia
Row Home Eats @rowhomeeats

@DrCamikaRoyal Used your class as an ex at #EduCon this wknd. Love that you infuse social media in teacher training course #philofounded

31/01/2013 05:50:26 WIB
Kevin Schmitz @kschmitzLMS

Thanks 2 @chrislehmann 4 posting #educon Google Hangouts on YT - still learning from the conversations!

31/01/2013 05:19:38 WIB
Jim Watson @CaptainSuburb

Can anyone point me to peer reviewed lit that gives evidence for iPads or other tablets improving student learning? #educon #edtech

31/01/2013 04:57:43 WIB

The politics and financial interests shaping #edtech (storified) w/ @audreywatters #educon

31/01/2013 04:57:43 WIB
Amanda Parashar @umandy10

Wish I had been at #educon- Cool article about how edtech isn't radical enough

31/01/2013 04:13:25 WIB
Bethany Smith @bethanyvsmith

@stevehargadon missed you at #educon this year - hope things are going well!

31/01/2013 03:15:57 WIB
Amanda C. Dykes @amandacdykes

@ijohnpederson to @amandacdykes "How many pairs of shoes did you bring to #Educon?" "5". @shareski "that's than pairs of underwear I...

31/01/2013 01:42:34 WIB
Dean Shareski @shareski

@ijohnpederson to @amandacdykes "How many pairs of shoes did you bring to #Educon?" "5". "That's more than I've owned in the last 5 years"

31/01/2013 01:06:55 WIB
Jeremy Rudy @JeremyRudy

"We are now the central organizing force in our own learning and education. It’s not the school or in the institution any longer." #educon

31/01/2013 01:00:57 WIB
annecollier @annecollier

Takeaways from #educon #educon25 --actually a mashup of a conference & a timely, thoughtful Seth Godin radio I/V

31/01/2013 00:55:42 WIB
John Patten @jpatten

"Deep technology innovations demand cultural shifts." Last weekend @ #educon Why Edtech is Not Radical Enough

31/01/2013 00:21:06 WIB
John Schinker @schinker

@capohanka Thank you for taking the leap and stepping to the front of the room at #educon this year.

31/01/2013 00:06:14 WIB
lisa cooley @coollit

#schoolboard membrs wd benefit frm gr8er knowledge of what "child-centered" lrnng really means. Tune in 2 #educon conf.

31/01/2013 00:01:49 WIB
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