"Wajah cute otot beeeh..." Sosok Cewek Cantik Tapi Berotot Ini Bikin Salfok Pesonanya Bagi Netijen

Cantik tapi "maskulin"
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Wajah cute ototnya beh👍 -artist pic.twitter.com/8kWKDYcZUM

11/07/2020 16:30:14 WIB
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#MarioLahragaDiRumah 💪 @fxmario

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Kirene Marceu @mesavie

@jeongsparkle_ @Anlitya_D @starfess Sejeong live performance has always been and will always be Exceptional. Sejeong doesnt need to rely on mic to max up her voice, it's powerful as it is. She has all the reasons for me to fall for, not only her outstanding voice, her charms and beauty but also her fine personality

11/07/2020 20:28:36 WIB
OS🌾 @orz_stv

@starfess Talented, hard worker, beautiful, smart, cute, cool, independent woman goes to Kim Sejeong ☘️

11/07/2020 16:45:25 WIB
️️️️한🐻 @5Star7Dream

@starfess Sekarang gue tau kenapa Seje panggil Sehun Hyung 👍😂

11/07/2020 16:52:55 WIB
arth @arthemiiss

@5Star7Dream @starfess Dia mah semuanya di panggil hyung wkwkwk katanya kalo manggil oppa tuh aneh

11/07/2020 18:00:34 WIB
Kirene Marceu @mesavie

@starfess This is why I admire and fall for Sejeong. Not only she's a workaholic but she's all abt totality. She's passionate in everything and gave 100%, she's no fake and she's not all into image. You'll find only few of korean female celeb or idols like Sejeong, a true beauty in and out

11/07/2020 19:32:38 WIB
Fb atau ku @betotpalamu

@starfess S-SEje????astaga😭ototku yg isi lemak diem aja de

11/07/2020 16:45:03 WIB
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