#EMchat 19: Taking a Look at Legacy Applicants

Tonight's topic delved into the world of legacy applicants. As usual, loads of great resources and ideas. And, it's always awesome to see what other schools have going on. Check it out!
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Alex Wilshaw @ChasingAcademe
Made it back home in time for #emchat in just a half hour! Who else will join for "A Look at Legacy Applicants" tonight?
Jim Olick @JimOlick
Here, but lurking tonight RT @ChasingAcademe Made it home in time for #emchat Who else will join for "A Look at Legacy Applicants" tonight?
Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle
10 min until #EMchat: Tonight's topic: Legacy Applicants. Join the convo! (Enrollment Mgmt chat) http://t.co/da0geGHz #highered #admissions
Jennifer Treutle @JenniferTreutle
@HigherEdGirl I'm ready for my feed to blow up with #EMchat. Let the craziness begin. :D
Jillian Hiscock @jhiscock
Excited for the chat tonight! Love my Thursday nights! #EMchat
Tim Dunning @timdunning
looks like a great crowd is gathering for #EMchat. Talking #legacy applicants. Join the conversation http://t.co/Ke8JQO0N #highered
Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle
Happy Thursday #EMchat friends! It's 8pC/9pE which means it's time to start! We're talking Legacy Applicants! Join us! #SXSWedu #highered
Kris Peluszak @KrisPeluszak
Interested in what folks have to say tonight #emchat legacy applications.
Alex Williams @AlexMWilliams_
I brought the beer. But wine sounds better right now! RT @KarenAFull: I brought the wine. #EMchat
Alex Williams @AlexMWilliams_
@timdunning dogfish 120 minute. Not worth the cost. But delicious #EMchat
Jillian Hiscock @jhiscock
Alright...jumping in on the #beer chat. Drinking a @SurlyBrewing Bender. Great MN beer. If you haven't tried it...you need to. #EMchat
Darrel Renier @RenierD
#emchat addict here....lurking tonight as I don't know much about legacy applicants. #ready2learn
Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle
If you're new to #EMchat, we want to welcome you! Don't be overwhelmed by the pace! Just jump in! Anyone out there???
Kris Peluszak @KrisPeluszak
@HigherEdGirl hi Jennielle! Hope your having a great week so far. #emchat
Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle
@DustinCHunter Hi Dustin! I'm glad you're joining! AND i see you've changed your handle! I like! I'm about to do the same too! #EMchat
Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle
We're about to get to Q1 next - before we do - quick roll call! Name, position, institution #EMchat
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