Sudah Tertutup Tapi Diingatkan Tante2 Posenya Mengundang Birahi Lelaki: Ramai, Nasehat "Sesama Muslimah" Antara Pantas atau Tidak

Jadi harus bagaimana?

safe space. unfollow if you’re racist, homophobic, sexist, etc. tpwk.

mima tobio @meemuw

it makes no sense luv xx

04/07/2020 16:21:43 WIB
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mima tobio @meemuw

if you come up to me saying that im wrong fuck you and fuck rape culture

04/07/2020 17:39:40 WIB
mima tobio @meemuw

idk who she is lmao shes just a stranger dming me. if you say that im not polite for replying that way gtfooooooo shes a random ass woman muting this xx

04/07/2020 17:42:32 WIB
mima tobio @meemuw

plus if u think that shes right, kalo gue cowo ngeliat foto kaya gitu gue bakalan tahan nafsu sih. ngapain juga. gue underage. im a minor. plus i have self control. in what way gue mengundang di foto itu lmao. benerin otak lo dulu

04/07/2020 17:46:12 WIB
mima tobio @meemuw

plus if u dont follow my on insta, these stories where i talked abt rape culture are still up. if ure saying “maybe she doesnt know abt rape culture” i actively talk abt that shit and its still on my story up until now……

04/07/2020 17:57:36 WIB
༉‧₊˚✧ @9uyfieri

@meemuw the way they use sAyaNg and probably think theyre just being a nice aunty..... the entitlement smh💀

04/07/2020 16:36:55 WIB
mima tobio @meemuw

@9uyfieri they just being karen but muslimah indo emak2 netijen version

04/07/2020 16:37:45 WIB
𝐜𝐥𝐧 @wefoundher

@meemuw @9uyfieri omg ada namanya ga sih tante karen muslimah

04/07/2020 18:29:16 WIB
jordinna @kopiasusu

@meemuw WHAHAHAHAHAAH BIRAHI TINGGIIIIII anyway..... groovy THANG love ur pants

04/07/2020 20:07:16 WIB
sal styles ¹ᴰ @gumdropstyless

@meemuw i know she’s totally wrong. and there’s nothing wrong with ur photos and outfits. but it would be better if u just reply with something good. like “ok” or “iya”. that’s enough, and that’s not gonna make u a horrible person bcs saying those words to someone who’s older than u🖤🖤

04/07/2020 20:17:38 WIB

@meemuw Tp tu knp harus d post omongan tantenya? Kan tantenya negur dgn sopan (terlepas dr isi teguranny)

04/07/2020 18:39:38 WIB
Intan 🌈 @intanapr_

@PujiPSL @meemuw Iyaa sama. Kecuali yg ngingetin pake kata² kasar/kotor. Bisa aja gausah dibls lgsg block. Tp banyak bgt yg belaa. Huhuu atuut.

04/07/2020 19:45:36 WIB
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