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(Dia Berhasil Sukses Nyaris Tanpa Usaha) Inilah Gambaran Nyata Malas Tapi Sukses

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Alex Osterwalder🇨🇭 @AlexOsterwalder

You want to advance and grow in life & work? 1) Surround yourself with people more experienced and smarter than than you. 2) Hang out with people who challenge you and are brutally honest with you. 3) Seek out people who are different from you and disagree with you.

02/07/2020 04:49:59 WIB
Hani W. Naguib @Haniwnaguib

@AlexOsterwalder May I add one more point? 4) practice what your preach, always.

02/07/2020 05:44:14 WIB
Praveen Juyal @pravjuyal

@AlexOsterwalder 4) Surround yourself with those who remain genuinely optimistic during low times and grounded during highs.

03/07/2020 04:35:53 WIB
Dr Julie McFarlane @w2jmf

@adrianafreitas @AlexOsterwalder Seek out likeminded entrepreneurs like you, find out where they Hang out, what groups they are part of...

02/07/2020 05:14:32 WIB
John Lazar @jblcoach

@AlexOsterwalder excellent perspective. design and align your surroundings to challenge and pull you forward.

02/07/2020 21:12:11 WIB
Pavan S S Kanwar @Pavan_Kanwar

@AlexOsterwalder Agreed, except on #2. Life may lead us to trust bad people's brutal nay-saying. Bad brutal honesty might be ego or doubt. Condescension to keep us down. Root drivers to fruitful growth: Our deeply held values lead, break & forge relations. Principles @strategyzer & data guide us!

03/07/2020 00:14:42 WIB
Pavan S S Kanwar @Pavan_Kanwar

@AlexOsterwalder @strategyzer That being said, clear cut constructive feedback from sincere peers is deeply valuable. I think we need to move away from the word brutal. It encourages a wall street style narcissism in how we manage ourselves and others, without compassion, respect, congizance. Make sense sir?

03/07/2020 00:16:57 WIB
Agrippa Bopela Masiyakurima @BopelaBopela

@AlexOsterwalder @ValaAfshar Do not hang out with cowards who massage your egos by not telling you the truth. You are the average of people you hang out with;Success is contagious,so as failure.Chenjerai kwamunotambira uko ma Cdes? Munodzidzei kune vaye vaye?

02/07/2020 06:30:03 WIB
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Biden2020 @empathy4a

@AlexOsterwalder @ValaAfshar Diverse experience (Not more of the same experience)

02/07/2020 06:02:33 WIB


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