The Real Raja Dari Segala Cosplay: Dengan Barang Seadanya, Orang Ini Bisa Cosplay Apa Aja Sangking Geniusnya

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anime tweets @TokyoSage

This man is the king of cosplay

30/06/2020 23:43:53 WIB
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evie @evieblue21

@TokyoSage ok but the creativity that went into this one is truly mindblowing 🤣👍👍

30/06/2020 23:56:19 WIB
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Jay hamer @trinijr3k2

@TokyoSage Lmao am the only one trying to figure out who did his back

01/07/2020 07:38:37 WIB
Ebony Nash @NinjagirlNash

@TokyoSage I LOVE this dude 🤣🤣 He bought a whole thing a croissants

01/07/2020 08:20:42 WIB
𓎩 𝟭𝟲𝟰𝗰𝗺.𓌈 𓇥 @cherryinrum

@TokyoSage One of the biggest page from Thailand 🇹🇭

01/07/2020 14:55:31 WIB
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gus @EmmArrGus

@TokyoSage there is no limit to what this man can do

01/07/2020 18:23:04 WIB
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XXIDaWorld @bonnes_tj

@TokyoSage @Lexor_komuga Like a Giuseppe Archomboldo (hope I spelled that correctly) painting come to life

01/07/2020 23:07:44 WIB
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