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Lynn Lee @LynnLeeEspino

Fox News fired daytime news anchor Ed Henry after an investigation of sexual misconduct in the workplace.…

02/07/2020 07:43:29 WIB
King Patrik 🙏 @pfrsr123

Next week we will see Ed Henry on CNN or MSDNC! @ShellyR906

02/07/2020 07:43:18 WIB
Duchess06 @gizelledavis

I didn’t always agree with Ed Henry but he didn’t seem like a pervy guy. Did he horrendously tell a female colleague she looked nice today?? #Tucker

02/07/2020 07:43:15 WIB
Margi Gaither @megIllinois

Fox News Fires Ed Henry Over Sexual Misconduct. It Was Warned Not To Promote Him…

02/07/2020 07:43:01 WIB
💯🇺🇸 John 💯🇺🇸🔴 @jgarciaii

@JoeConchaTV Exactly what is the “sexual misconduct” that Ed Henry is accused of???

02/07/2020 07:42:43 WIB
DJ Lindy⭐️❌⭐️ @ShanghaiSweetie

@Brn2Wander1 @Ohio_Buckeye_US @realDennisLynch Ed Henry has worked his ass off for Fox News. This was yrs ago. He paid the price and came back. Could this be a new allegation?

02/07/2020 07:42:31 WIB
Roger Greene @truebluefan

Ed Henry fired from Fox News over sexual misconduct allegation…

02/07/2020 07:42:09 WIB
Sportstwo @truebluefan58

Ed Henry fired from Fox News over sexual misconduct allegation…

02/07/2020 07:42:06 WIB
Kayee @DeplorableKayee

@JoeConchaTV @bwhite333666999 I'm old enough to remember when Ed Henry was benched for something similar. Sounds like a pattern.... last time, I think he was sending naughty photos/texts if I recall correctly. It's been a few years ago now.

02/07/2020 07:41:51 WIB
ERA @ERANewsStuff

Fox News fires Ed Henry after sexual misconduct allegation - ABC News - via @ABC

02/07/2020 07:41:14 WIB
U.Fischer @Schmuserill

Fox News anchor fired over sexual misconduct allegation

02/07/2020 07:41:02 WIB
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𝕄𝕖𝕖𝕪𝕒🧕🏽 @ilmeeyat

#FoxNews has fired #EdHenry, one of the network’s most prominent Washington-based journalists, after a former employee at the cable news channel lodged a complaint of sexual misconduct against him, the network said on Wednesday.

02/07/2020 07:41:01 WIB
Ricky The Wuhan Mulan Roller @kingminion5

Ed Henry seems like a thirsty dude for sure but so is everyone else on this godforsaken site.

02/07/2020 07:39:51 WIB
Neverbend @Nbell3

@edhenry @ChuckRossDC Not a big Ed Henry guy but I'm a huge fan of innocent until proven guilty. When did that go away.

02/07/2020 07:38:33 WIB
HT *I AM RECLAIMING MY TIME* Carty.⭐⭐⭐ @fallis_hed

@JoeBiden Stop. Medication labels aren't briefings. Quick question. Was FOX correct in firing Ed Henry because your wife, Jill (not your sister), is rumored to be sleeping with multiple men including Ed?

02/07/2020 07:38:00 WIB
Kandi Collins @kandibar2011

The fact that FOX was so quick to make this decision and then go public without any real reason other then to cause embarrassment to Ed Henry and his family speaks volumes to me !…

02/07/2020 07:37:56 WIB
Susan Armitage @amernie9

@edhenry With Ed Henry do not know what he did not do but Trust he was right

02/07/2020 07:37:54 WIB
JGPeters @grepet52

@RealMattCouch I don't believe Ed Henry did anything wrong.

02/07/2020 07:37:43 WIB
Chad Allen @chadallen532

I read through what I wrote and realized that it sounded as if I’d assumed Ed Henry is innocent. I don’t. It’s scary that someone who seems as clean and straight laced as Ed Henry will go down in the books as a “harasser”. What if a listener made an accusation about DG? Idk...

02/07/2020 07:37:26 WIB
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