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Menghangatkan Hati, Manisnya Potret Seorang Ayah Perkenalkan Gajah Kepada Anaknya

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MrNiceGuy00013 @MrNiceGuy00013

@ppIofearth @engineeringvids In case you didn’t know, studies showed that elephants showed the same brain activity as humans when we look at a puppy. They think we’re cute.

29/06/2020 11:15:46 WIB
V ø r p @_Vorp

@MrNiceGuy00013 @ppIofearth @engineeringvids If only they could speak to tell us "good boy" after we do something right 😕

29/06/2020 15:33:00 WIB
rh4 @rmrh4

@ppIofearth @AMAZlNGSCIENCE The elephant is looking so kindly and humble at the child welcoming him and waiting like a grandfather waiting for his grandchild to deal ok and safe to approach 😍😍😍😍

29/06/2020 09:24:32 WIB
adeeba akram @AdeebaAkram1

@ppIofearth @ArtifactsHub So beautiful. Planet Earth belongs to all creatures. respect and love for all creatures

29/06/2020 12:30:50 WIB
AFRICAN—-MAN🇬🇭🇳🇬 @alkebulan02

@ppIofearth That elephant is going a hell of depression and it’s shown on the elephant body

29/06/2020 03:28:21 WIB
CRATER SAL @m81461117

@murat_yildiz @ppIofearth My God! How sad. Unless this is a violent, rogue elephant, there is no reason to chain them.

30/06/2020 00:50:27 WIB
Harold Snigel @TheSpeedSnail

@ppIofearth @NaturelsLit I would much rather have my twitter feed full of pro nature pro one world than #TraitorGOP but it is not a perfect world.

29/06/2020 19:17:31 WIB
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