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Lagi Hype, Ketika Chef Terkenal Gordon Ramsay Coba Masak Rendang Langsung di Sumatera Barat

Onde Mande
Gordon Ramsay @GordonRamsay

#Indonesia has some incredible ingredients ! Here’s what I’ll be cooking up in Western Sumatra tonight on #Uncharted on @NatGeoChannel

29/06/2020 04:42:24 WIB
Muhammad Redzuan @Muhamma96486195

Chef Gordon Ramsay menanggalkan segala atribut kehebatannya sebagai seorang international chef. Dia tunduk pada seluruh instruksi dan petuah Sang Guru yang hanya seorang "perempuan biasa", agar bisa menyerap pelajaran dalam teknik, seni dan filosofi dari memasak rendang.

24/06/2020 19:34:32 WIB
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zar @baek4sehun

Gordon Ramsay gon cook rendang, im— 😳😳😳

26/06/2020 23:04:38 WIB
Ghina☾ @ghinaadilla

gordon ramsay pas nyobain rendang asli buatan minang “onde fucking mande. this is so fucking delicious”

27/06/2020 12:54:52 WIB
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Aditya Wisnu @AdityaWisnu

Dear my fellow Malaysian, Gordon Ramsay learns to cook rendang from Indonesian heritage recipes. So stop saying it’s yours. 😊…

27/06/2020 20:55:43 WIB
☂︎ Afdhal @dalewas

Minang and proud! World class chef @GordonRamsay was even willing to learn to cook Rendang to the core. And the way they praised the locals for being so welcome- 😌😌 SO PROUD…

29/06/2020 17:00:42 WIB

@GordonRamsay @NatGeoChannel Semoga tidak tertukar dengan lengkuas randangnya Mr Gordon.

29/06/2020 07:14:29 WIB
Dax DayTrading @adhdaytrading

@GordonRamsay @NatGeoChannel Ooh so nice. My fiancé is half Indonesian. My favourite meal is #babiketjap BTW how'd she do cutting the fish?

29/06/2020 05:10:45 WIB
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Zulfahmi @p_a_m_2

@GordonRamsay @NatGeoChannel oh how i love they choose the background view...Tabing Takuruang in Bukittinggi, West Sumatera

29/06/2020 09:30:47 WIB
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Danial🎹 @iiamDanial

@GordonRamsay @NatGeoChannel Asian ingredients prepared by an European master chef loved the combination & the outcome ❤️

29/06/2020 04:49:56 WIB
Karen Brown @KarenBrown85

@GordonRamsay @NatGeoChannel Kudos to your team for finding the best in country hosts, hospitable, kind, authentic and funny. Pure joy to watch. TY

29/06/2020 10:18:52 WIB
mirza @mirzandi

@augustmoon44 @GordonRamsay @NatGeoChannel I don’t know where you live, but if you’re lucky you can find it in Asian grocery stores, esp those with wide range of southeast asian products Its taste is a bit like custard. It’s mostly the smell that is problematic imo

29/06/2020 20:41:34 WIB
ShannonD @shannon_dipple

@GordonRamsay @NatGeoChannel My youngest son and I love this show. 👊 Even my Brummie husband gets into it. Travel + adventure + cooking.

29/06/2020 04:47:16 WIB
Ella @ellaherlany

@GordonRamsay @NatGeoChannel Yeay, coconut oil and fresh coconut milk is the key in making a good rendang paste. I sure be watching you chef tonite on NatGeo.

29/06/2020 13:32:02 WIB


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