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Paparannya Bikin Berjengit, 20 Hal Tentang Va**na yang Belum Tentu Kamu Ketahui & Rugi Kalau Kamu Abaikan

Sudah paham cara jaga kesehatan itumu sendiri?
Zurin @zurinasarosy

@probableating Read number 18. I just know that. How bout you, bun? @arirahma21

28/06/2020 15:23:55 WIB
double extra large @kujnun

@probableating Keliatan nya menarik cuma bahasa inggris gua mentok di yes no doang πŸ˜”

28/06/2020 16:16:01 WIB
🍯🐝 @angalace

@probableating @JennyJusuf Especially stop listening to men boasting about their knowledge about vaginas when they don't have a Specialist or Dr. on their name

28/06/2020 17:27:21 WIB


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