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"Apapun Yang Terjadi Pada Orang yang Ada di Dalam Kostum Panda Ini, Aku Bisa Merasakannya" Hari yang Buruk untuk Seseorang Terekam Kamera di Taman

Dia mungkin sangat lelah dan butuh makan
ROCS @sibtaiiin

whatever this panda is going through i felt it🥺

23/06/2020 01:46:34 WIB
Just Notch @SuprasternalN

@pumpkinphuk @sibtaiiin She's terribly dramatic. There are many snuggles and she always falls asleep happy.

23/06/2020 13:49:33 WIB
bien_Perra @pumpkinphuk

@SuprasternalN @sibtaiiin Lol I feel your pain, I’ve got a 19 month old.

23/06/2020 13:51:47 WIB
Just Notch @SuprasternalN

@pumpkinphuk @sibtaiiin I adore toddlers. I won't have another now, but I have always loved them.

23/06/2020 13:53:07 WIB
TOMBOY @themanyeo

@sibtaiiin The way his butt is shaking lmao😭😂

23/06/2020 14:15:07 WIB
ROCS @sibtaiiin

lowkey blowing up so follow me

23/06/2020 19:09:39 WIB
ROCS @sibtaiiin

guys here’s part 2 if anyone’s interested they cheered him up🥺🥺

23/06/2020 19:35:23 WIB
Farah Hallaba @FarahHallaba

@sibtaiiin I don’t know if this isn’t you @shpanda9 , what is 🐼

23/06/2020 19:40:37 WIB
noun. @absurdimagery

@RH4N6 @doun_jfbp @sibtaiiin Hahaha I want to hide under a panda suit. That same mood without it is 10x harder.

23/06/2020 20:56:41 WIB
doun @doun_jfbp

@absurdimagery @RH4N6 @sibtaiiin I don't need a custom to look like a panda 💔

23/06/2020 21:01:11 WIB
noun. @absurdimagery

@doun_jfbp @RH4N6 @sibtaiiin 1. Pandas are cute so shush and so are you (with a hint of a badass, or at least that's what I get from your avi), 2. I'm okay with any suit to hide the depression/horror/sorrow and probably the alcohol smell underneath. 😂

23/06/2020 21:03:37 WIB
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