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Cerita Istri Yang Pintar Masak Tiba-Tiba Memanggang Hangus Kue Pai Ini Jadi Renungan Buat Suami

Ternyata netizen banyak yang mikir ending twist lain
Sapientem @GospelJosiah


13/06/2020 23:44:57 WIB
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ChyAmy @AmakaOkay

@GospelJosiah That's so sweet😊😊. It can be achieved afterall.

13/06/2020 23:49:25 WIB
Sally Kenneth Dadzie @moskedapages

@GospelJosiah @Tochi_Adaobi So, he knew she had a tough day at work. Why didn't he cook with her to relieve her stress? 🙄

14/06/2020 01:15:52 WIB
Ha Dhe Felix @HaDheFelixx

@moskedapages @GospelJosiah @Tochi_Adaobi Calm down ma, let the one side perception motivate. 🚶🚶🚶

14/06/2020 02:12:05 WIB
Klaus Mickaelson 🙄💫 @real_weiirdo

@GospelJosiah Awww....he could have just prepared dinner himself then or gotten take outs....he just sat there and opened his mouth waaaaaaaahhhhhhh

14/06/2020 02:32:06 WIB
Eze Trend @Chilaka_IG

@GospelJosiah @iam_fowoke Madam the pie is burnt jare. But no worry, let's order pizza. What do ye say?

14/06/2020 03:24:40 WIB
txtbelumsidang @azisfahrii

@GospelJosiah @zurawk Thought this would end up comedy but I was wrong

14/06/2020 15:04:40 WIB
T ♡ @sleepiestsoul

@GospelJosiah be understanding thats the least thing you could do to help but some still dont get the idea 🤷🏻‍♀️

14/06/2020 19:05:17 WIB
شاكير @syakirunnnn

@ojospanengbro @GospelJosiah Long story short, if you dont eat, you will be the burnt one next

14/06/2020 23:42:13 WIB
Identified as @masvre

@GospelJosiah @atyasm_ Lalu setelah cerita ini, ayah masuk kamar dan memaksa ibu memakan sisa pie tadi...

15/06/2020 02:10:15 WIB
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