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Video Ini Mengandung Air Mata, Ketika Soulmates Kita Ada Di Dalam Diri Seekor Kucing Kurang Lebih Seperti Inilah Jadinya

How beautiful
The Dodo @dodo

This little girl barely spoke – but then her mom caught her talking to her cat best friend 💗

14/06/2020 07:00:00 WIB
Dalia @daliagirl33

@dodo This was so very special and precious. Thank you for sharing it with us.❤️🐱

14/06/2020 07:06:49 WIB
Kevin @irockphilly

@dodo Great story. Thank God for animals. I didn't know some cats actually like water.

14/06/2020 07:06:55 WIB
James Bob @jonetnetnet

@dodo Thank you for sharing this incredible story🥰🥰🥰 But, who's cutting onions in here? T.T

14/06/2020 07:09:43 WIB
🦋Bluejay Young *NO WALL!*🦋 @ksol1460

@dodo Never believe crepe-hanger doctors who give you the old "she/he will never" baloney about an #autistic. #Autistics have different developmental phases. We'll either speak and make eye contact or we won't, but will communicate some other way. @autselfadvocacy

14/06/2020 07:13:42 WIB
Juan Carlos 🇺🇾📷 🎨 @carloslegui1

@dodo Beautiful story! Thanks for sharing! This is my friend Tom!

14/06/2020 07:30:51 WIB
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Kim Wingate @KimWingate5

@dodo I have cried more these last couple of days then I have in years. Not out of pain but because of joy. Thank you for sharing Iris and Thula's story. Glory be to God.

14/06/2020 07:47:00 WIB
Jill R @Baranduyn

@irockphilly @dodo In my long life only one of my cats, the Magnificent Gandalfini, loved water. The first time he came into the shower with me I nearly fell and had to go to hospital. 😀 He just loved the shower. So I cleaned the drains. He was a good one. They all are.

14/06/2020 07:49:18 WIB
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