Pengen Ngakak Tapi Prihatin Juga Karena Semua Orang Bisa Halu, Inilah Bukti Drama Mendamatisir Hidup Ala Orang yang Hidup di Zona FBI/CIA Aktif

pernah mengkhayal yang lebih ekstrim dari ini?
iancanwrite @iancanwrite

If I mysteriously disappear, this will be why

08/06/2020 01:02:10 WIB
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dawse @DawsePaws

@straymoose101 I don't know how real these are but they always make me lol 😂

08/06/2020 01:56:15 WIB
Bryan Elliott @fordiman

@iancanwrite Just for this, I'm going to create an end-to-end encrypted chat app named "UpDog". The CIA will 𝘯𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 catch on.

08/06/2020 02:49:44 WIB
BonaFanatic @Bona_Fanatic

@rickysuezo @iancanwrite What’s the point if these are fake? It would be like having a prank show where all the participants are in on the joke.

08/06/2020 03:08:46 WIB
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