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Liciknya Seperti Jin, Reaksi Perempuan2 Ini Ketika Ditanya "Kalau Bosmu Memperkosamu Lalu Setelahnya Memberi Uang 2 M, Apa yg Kamu Lakukan? lapor Polisi atau Ambil Uangny?"

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Sapientem @GospelJosiah

Someone on Facebook asked "if your boss rapes you and offer you two million naira, Will you collect the money or report to the police?" See the response some ladies have👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

03/06/2020 20:54:01 WIB
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zahCHUKS🔥🔥 @chemistzah

@GospelJosiah That one said "rape for open doors". I swear people are limited to what their eyes can see. See response 🤣

03/06/2020 20:58:43 WIB
Lĕonardo @Leonard_mezu

@GospelJosiah Since this saga ,I have read so much stupid things

03/06/2020 20:59:07 WIB
Yes, I'm a nice guy @Chafari_

@GospelJosiah Wow, just wow! Later these ones would be shouting "SAY NO TO RAPE"

03/06/2020 21:00:38 WIB
Jamie Box @TooMuchSuugo

@GospelJosiah But if a guy comments on that matter women would turn the world upside down.

03/06/2020 21:02:02 WIB
St.Ella @ellacious9

@GospelJosiah Maybe they dont understand what rape is 🤔

03/06/2020 21:02:48 WIB
Mariska @Mariskavatleg

@GospelJosiah Most of these pple are disguised prostitutes, all they care for is MONEY Let's not forget we are fighting for the "VOICELESS"

03/06/2020 21:21:37 WIB
Ovo @OvoKuren

@GospelJosiah It's easy for them to say till it truly happens to them.Talk is cheap.

03/06/2020 21:27:03 WIB
Chardosky 🆖 @ManChydo

@GospelJosiah But I'm not surprised na. For most women, money rules over everything and anything, talkless morality! 😀

03/06/2020 21:46:09 WIB
Iby Akai🗯️ @Frehkie

@GospelJosiah Chaiii... This thing nah two edgee sword ⚔

03/06/2020 22:02:39 WIB
Nonso💪 @maxnonso

@GospelJosiah Rape of open door, that one got me😄😁😁

03/06/2020 22:03:08 WIB
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