Cuma Sinetron India yang Bisa Gini, Sebuah Adegan Polisi India Nembak Musuh Pake Ayam Ini Bikin Mindblowing

Buat kaya gini terinspirasi dari mana ya?
Kazimierski @ratfacepunk

@NoConViolence Screw Hollywood, these guys make all the movies now.

03/06/2020 02:10:45 WIB
squeed @Squid2906

@NoConViolence this is just chicken attack without takeo

03/06/2020 02:52:35 WIB
🌙QuelanaThePersona🌙 @HalloweenIsLove

@NoConViolence @TommyPistol What the actual fuck did I just watch because I want to know what it is and watch it in full 🤣🤣😂😂

03/06/2020 03:28:39 WIB
Hibernatus @BryanK_SRB

@NoConViolence How did they come to plagiarise hot shot ??

03/06/2020 01:02:07 WIB
Inferno @Inferno144

@NoConViolence Single greatest kill I've ever witnessed.

03/06/2020 00:57:45 WIB
Adrian Mercado @roostercar

@NoConViolence Waiiiit a minute...this isn't Hot Shots part deux

03/06/2020 00:53:28 WIB