Gila! Kumpulan Dokumen Rahasia yang Dibocorkan oleh Hacker Anonymous

2020 tahun yang sangat gila! @tumbenlucu
Isra @Voldemortsbitxh

A thread of all the leaked documents #Anonymous

01/06/2020 00:35:46 WIB
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Isra @Voldemortsbitxh

SAVE WHAT I AM POSTING AND FUCKING RETWEET!THIS IS FOR GEORGE THIS IS FOR ALL BLACK PEOPLE THIS IS TO TAKE THIS FUCKING RAPIST @realDonaldTrump DOWN RETWEET! Protesters are out there getting hurt. Saving and retweeting is the least we could do #BLACK_LIVES_MATTERS #GeorgeFloyd

01/06/2020 00:53:08 WIB
Isra @Voldemortsbitxh

You can download the twitter videos by using this link! Download them and keep em in your files app in case twitter deletes this!!!! Keep them guys!!

01/06/2020 01:23:15 WIB
Isra @Voldemortsbitxh

Trump talking about how sex is great with “deeply troubled teenage girls” what a fucking pig

01/06/2020 01:35:33 WIB
Patrick Lawson @JoeHigarashi

@Voldemortsbitxh 23 years?! It took TWENTY Years for this to come out. I was 14 years old when Priceless Diana died. I NEVER imagined it was a coverup. Dear Lord.

01/06/2020 01:59:00 WIB
✨The 4th World 🌍 @T4Wmusic

@Voldemortsbitxh Maria Farmer exposed Ivana Trump, along with Ghislaine Maxwell, as a procurer of the underage victims for Epstein. She was the FIRST to report the whole operation [including Trump’s involvement], as a witness, to the FBI in the 1990s – to no avail.…

01/06/2020 04:21:50 WIB
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Isra @Voldemortsbitxh

For the ones that are looking for the link here you go: pls save this and retweet!!!…

01/06/2020 11:53:35 WIB


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