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Penampakan Pria Dengan Kostum Batman Menyeruak Diantara Asap Kerusuhan Ramai Dikomentari Linimasa

Siapa orang ini?
gerardo @g_alvarez666

@30SECVlDEOS That’s guy in the beginning is me to the homies when Batman showed up to my 8th bday party 😂😂😂

31/05/2020 12:51:33 WIB

@Kreatiiionz @30SECVlDEOS Did you see the clip of the swat team pushing an elder down then goes to pick him up because cameras caught it live

31/05/2020 12:53:09 WIB
Fenil Patel @fenilpatel30

@30SECVlDEOS @NewCuIture You knows it’s bad when Batman shows up in broad daylight

31/05/2020 12:54:40 WIB
Anand @anandsuraj_

@aditya_nathan7 @30SECVlDEOS @kishikoala We need actual superheroes lad, not an orphan with a smoker's voice.

31/05/2020 13:02:11 WIB
PSFuckYou @catsarecoolio

@30SECVlDEOS @Asn3141 Did they say “my nigga it’s him!!” In the beginning lmfao😂😂

31/05/2020 13:15:59 WIB
Lo Mein 🍜💥 @its_onlylana

@30SECVlDEOS I ain't impressed by no (assuming) white man in a costume. He just wanna show out 🙄

31/05/2020 13:29:58 WIB
Caleb⚫ @_niggachin

@30SECVlDEOS Smoothest walk I've seen all year 🔥🔥

31/05/2020 13:32:52 WIB
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