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Cerita Guru Sekolah Tugaskan Murid Cari Balon Dengan Nama Mereka Sendiri Jadi Pelajaran Untuk Juga Bahagiakan Orang Lain

Bahagiakan diri sendiri = bahagiakan orang lain
. @GospelJosiah

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Sapientem @GospelJosiah

A teacher took balloons to school and shared it amongst his students. He told them to write their names on it and blow it up. They blew up all the balloons and the teacher mixed them up in the hallway.👇🏽👇🏽

31/05/2020 00:55:27 WIB
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Sapientem @GospelJosiah

He then told them each to go find the balloon that had their names on it. They searched for hours and when the teacher saw that they couldn't find theirs and they were exhausted, he told them to just pick any and hand it to the person whose name was written on it.

31/05/2020 00:55:27 WIB
Sapientem @GospelJosiah

In less than 30mins, the hallway was cleared and everyone excited. The teacher then explained that the balloons are like happiness. In this life, if you're going about looking for just your happiness not giving any thoughts to that of others, it would be a difficult process.

31/05/2020 00:55:28 WIB
Sapientem @GospelJosiah

True happiness comes when we are able to put happiness on the faces and in the hearts of those around us. Think about it.

31/05/2020 00:55:28 WIB
Branded Tees @branded_tees

@GospelJosiah @Chukwunonyerem9 I enjoyed the lesson but logically those balloons would have blown up the moment they start to search 😂

31/05/2020 03:26:52 WIB
Sapientem @GospelJosiah

@branded_tees @Chukwunonyerem9 There are balloons that are not as fragile as you think

31/05/2020 04:44:46 WIB
BeUrself @BeYourself1960

@GospelJosiah You can't give what you don't have. True happiness comes from knowing God

31/05/2020 01:40:48 WIB


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