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"Bagai Masuk Penjara" Penampakan Hari Sekolah Pertama di Korea Selatan Gunakan Sensor Panas Untuk Deteksi Suhu Tubuh

Mereka juga terapkan social distancing dan gunakan hand sanitizer
Laura Bicker @BBCLBicker

BBC Seoul Correspondent, former Washington Correspondent. Scots lass and lover of outdoor sports & triathlon. Views my own. RTs not endorsements.

Laura Bicker @BBCLBicker

Morning temperature checks as 2.4 million pupils head back to the classroom in South Korea. The first temp check of the day. Socially distant lines and hand sanitizer also in use. As you can see in the video, one student’s temp was up because of a hot drink in her bag!

27/05/2020 06:14:05 WIB
Laura Bicker @BBCLBicker

The students have been filling in a phone app every day to monitor any symptoms. They also manage to keep apart at the school gate despite not having seen one another for some time!

27/05/2020 06:16:20 WIB
TypeKing @TypeKing

@BBCLBicker They should install the robot at school. I only wish students don't mess around. Going to coin singing room or Night clubs. Wear Mask, Practice Social Distance, Wash Hands. Study Hard. Stay Home.

27/05/2020 09:36:12 WIB
Alisyn Gayle @AlisynGayle

@BBCLBicker How would a hot drink, in her bag, raise her temperature at her temple?🤔

27/05/2020 11:23:01 WIB
Tyler Hyliard @TylerHyliard

@AlisynGayle @BBCLBicker It wouldn't. The computer is testing a large field around the person and is hitting the tempature limit that is set. (Looks to be around 37.5°C or about 99.6°F) The computer application is just checking core tempature and attempting to locate the person's face.

27/05/2020 12:19:39 WIB
Banks Web Design @johnbanksblog

@BBCLBicker Can you see us doing anything remotely similar to this?

27/05/2020 14:34:37 WIB
Toby K @impossiblethree

@BBCLBicker No way my boys' school in Sokcho would have been this orderly! Nor the corridors so clean.

27/05/2020 07:06:33 WIB
Defyant @Defyantofficial

@BBCLBicker They look so thrilled to be back 😄😄

27/05/2020 09:55:03 WIB

@BBCLBicker So orderly yet kind of depressing :/

27/05/2020 06:47:22 WIB
LibtardSucks @LibtardSucks

@FUBAR2020 @BBCLBicker Much less depressing than having a ton lining up in hospital! Ans at least they still go to school together, and will be used to talk to each other through mask.

27/05/2020 13:48:05 WIB
stevinblare @steekso

@BBCLBicker Really impressive how well S Korea has handled, and continues to handle, this virus. Showing the world the way to do it, but will we listen? 🤷‍♂️😥

27/05/2020 06:36:57 WIB
AG Bull Barr @AGBullBarr

@BBCLBicker It's like they're walking into prison every day. They look depressed and not enthusiastic to learn.

27/05/2020 07:35:28 WIB
Joy @ByrdTonia

@q_sent_patriots @BBCLBicker That's how they are acting because they know they are on camera

27/05/2020 13:11:56 WIB


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