Ilustrasi Nyata Ketika Pembeli Tak Peduli Kamu Siapa yang Penting Produk yang Berharga untuk Mereka

strageti marketing tak ada artinya kalau pasar tak berkenan
Ale Resnik @AleResnik

When pre-product and founder’s 30 under 30 be like...

20/05/2020 11:59:26 WIB
Chris Sheffield @iamshief

@AleResnik @marvinliao Knew that was coming and the word was going to be "MARKET" THE MARKET DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOU. AS LONG AS THE PRODUCT WORKS AND PROVIDES VALUE, THEY WILL BUY!!!!!

20/05/2020 13:04:59 WIB
David @dvaldez3000

@iamshief @AleResnik @marvinliao I will add that the product doesn’t have to work well. The first Cell phones were horrible. Google Maps and Apple Maps were horrible when they first release. First generation iPhone with AT&T service suck. Just got to give the people what they want.

20/05/2020 23:30:33 WIB
Cgello22 @cgello22

@dvaldez3000 @iamshief @AleResnik @marvinliao The secret to success is to suck less than your competitors.

21/05/2020 01:35:44 WIB


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