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Ngikik, Joke Ramadan Ini Layak Jadi Hits Terinspirasi Pertanyaan ke Ustadz Soal 'Nggak Sengaja Makan dan Minum Banyak'

Wajah bengong Pak Ustadz lucu banget
Rami Ismail (رامي) @tha_rami

A special shout-out to what remains my favorite Ramadan joke video of all times.

20/05/2020 07:58:35 WIB
Newman @MisterNoobman

@tha_rami Lost it at “approximately 3 litres of water”

20/05/2020 08:01:17 WIB
Satoru @satorudo

@tha_rami It’s that pause and the look on his face that’s comedy gold 🤣

20/05/2020 08:07:50 WIB
Richard Cobbett @richardcobbett

@tha_rami “I have to ask. During this unfortunate series of events, did you happen to be cleaning your house while naked and fall upon the end of the vacuum cleaner in some way?” “No…” “Then I look forward to speaking with you again tomorrow.”

20/05/2020 08:16:11 WIB
Unreliable Narrator @SecretoftheDeep

@tha_rami Wait, are you not allowed to even drink water? I get nasty headaches whenever I go a day without water...

20/05/2020 19:45:19 WIB
Rami Ismail (رامي) @tha_rami

@SecretoftheDeep Not even water, but medical conditions exempt you from the entire fast!

20/05/2020 20:23:27 WIB


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