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Rick Santorum comes to visit my house AGAIN

he's a pretty rambunctious little fellow.
mikey the B @buttdilla

rick santorum sits on a lightbulb and immediately regrets it when it goes in. he secretly prays to Ba'al for help

07/03/2012 22:10:15 WIB
mikey the B @buttdilla

rick santorum presses his large nipple into my cheek, gently apologizing for all the crust he's left around the house

07/03/2012 22:12:04 WIB
mikey the B @buttdilla

rick santorum gleefully appreciates a joke by producing a sustained, jarring glottal stop

07/03/2012 22:21:14 WIB
mikey the B @buttdilla

rick santorum burned my house down and I was in it and yes I WILL be seeing you in court rick! poopy diaper @RickSantorum 2012 !

08/03/2012 00:17:38 WIB
mikey the B @buttdilla

im just a little girl and rick santorum told me i wuz sexy but i dont no what that is yet.

08/03/2012 00:19:02 WIB
mikey the B @buttdilla

rick santorum said "close you're [sic] eyes" and then he made me put my hand down his urethra! he's got worms down in there! dangit rick!!

08/03/2012 00:25:45 WIB
mikey the B @buttdilla

rick santorum gave birth on my coffee table and then he ate it!!!!! it was a boygirl, then it was a sandwich!!!!!

08/03/2012 00:26:27 WIB
mikey the B @buttdilla

rick santorum pooped & it was shaped like a 5!!!!!!! @duckface2011

08/03/2012 00:27:02 WIB
mikey the B @buttdilla

rick santorum is MY town bicycle I put sweet rims on him and make sure his gears are all greasy! plus I put his seat up my butt!!

08/03/2012 00:30:17 WIB
mikey the B @buttdilla

rick santorum got caught sitting on the drinking fountain at my gym he said he thought it was a baday!!!! no its not rick n u no it!!!!!

08/03/2012 00:32:00 WIB
mikey the B @buttdilla

rick santorum makes friendly conversation at the urinal by talking about MY penis!!!! this has got to stop rick!!!! @police help!!!!!

08/03/2012 00:32:49 WIB
mikey the B @buttdilla

rick santorum put his gum in my pubic hair, how's that for pubic policy????? @police!!!!!!!!

08/03/2012 00:36:04 WIB
mikey the B @buttdilla

I tried to color my hair but rick santorum licked all the dye out!!!! stop that rick thats poizin!!!!! @poizincontrol!!!!!!

08/03/2012 01:11:29 WIB
mikey the B @buttdilla

hey @cnn rick santorum's had his hand caught in my car door for the past hour & a half !!!! jus playin , luv u

08/03/2012 01:46:03 WIB
mikey the B @buttdilla

whats a Vanoodle? rick says he wants to tongue mine

08/03/2012 01:58:45 WIB
mikey the B @buttdilla

my landlord came by n squished rick santorum when he found him living in my bathtub! im not sposed to have extra tenants wtf owell !!!

08/03/2012 03:57:48 WIB


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