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Bosan Di Runah Aja, Hibur Diri dgn Nonton Video Perubahan Kucing yg Sedih Sepanjang Hari di Shelter Menjadi Kucing Manja di Rumah Bersama Mamanya

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The Dodo @dodo

Watch this sad shelter cat become a purring kitten with his new mom 😻

21/04/2020 04:00:00 WIB
🏇 @Achilles_9

@dodo I have an identical adopted stray at my place even his expressions are almost the same

21/04/2020 04:06:49 WIB
Tess 😻🦊🐳🐶🐈🦉🐻🦁🦍🐴🐝🐷🐮 @ossocool

@dodo What a great story!💕 So happy for Bruce finding love and his forever home with you 😘 It was meant to be, I would take him in a heartbeat...😻💜 What a great cat!👍🏻😍

21/04/2020 04:08:30 WIB
Shark girl 🦈 @SharkWe3k

@dodo @BruceShark5 look at Bruce cat get his furrrever home! so sweet 😊

21/04/2020 04:11:34 WIB

@dodo @KarteronRp Who doesn’t love a happy ending? 😍 Love is always the answer. 🐈 💙 #MeowMonday 🐱

21/04/2020 04:19:56 WIB
Bruce Shark @BruceShark5

@SharkWe3k @dodo You can tell Bruce is a gud egg, and is so happy in his new home. This was a happy thing. Thanks.

21/04/2020 04:24:35 WIB
TouristguideZA @TouristguideZA

@dodo When you show love to an animal, the response that you will get from that animal, will change both of you, forever😍

21/04/2020 04:28:07 WIB


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