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Relevant Updates on research #genomics #genetics #covid19 #covid19research "SARS-CoV-2"

JulAnsata_cmc #HCQ UK @JulAnsata_cmc

An Argument in support of Personalized, Patient Centric Genomic Medicine for Covid19: Prof. Dr. Casanova Genomics/Immunology - Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Silent genetic variations likely to explain susceptibility to infection/severity of Covid.…

16/04/2020 09:00:45 WIB
Nathan Grubaugh @NathanGrubaugh

Nice article by @PhilipJKiefer explaining how genomic epidemiology can be used to track outbreaks. Genomics has already revealed a ton about #SARSCoV2, and we are just getting started!…

16/04/2020 07:18:32 WIB
AJ @genomics_aj

So it feels like all of the Republicans and Trump blaming China for being misleading about Coronavirus stats is a massive red herring. Even if China was 100% hones and transparent, there was no way Trump was doing shit in January and February about this.

16/04/2020 07:10:05 WIB
Tess @seakingtess

@EvilEmp1re Also, here is an open source genome you can compare it to like, say, to anything precursor in the wild:…

16/04/2020 06:47:27 WIB
Gerry Ward @gwardis

Could stray dogs as possible origin of COVID-19 pandemic #scichat #COVID19 #genomics

16/04/2020 06:46:42 WIB
Joe Lonsdale @JTLonsdale

Jennifer Doudna / IGI spun up a SARS-CoV-2 test lab to help first responders & others. My wife and I are proud to support her work; she is looking for more financial help - Color Genomics and others also doing great work with testing and we need more!

16/04/2020 06:19:21 WIB
Sophien Kamoun @KamounLab

“Governments around the world had all the signals they needed from early analyses of viral family trees.” #COVID19 #genomics #OpenScience…

16/04/2020 04:55:52 WIB
Sri Baqri (Narasimhan) @Sri_Baqri

Now accepted and online @CellCellPress - #COVID19 in #USA. Coast-coast transmission was already driving #SARSCoV2 #infections in the country regardless of #Europe #travelban find @NathanGrubaugh, @VirusesImmunity and colleagues #epidemiology #genomics

16/04/2020 04:38:33 WIB
10x Genomics @10xGenomics

On the Danny in the Valley podcast, CEO Serge Saxonov told @dannyfortson how 10x Genomics tools are helping researchers in their hunt for a #COVID19 vaccine, and how the global scientific community has come together like never before.

16/04/2020 04:24:50 WIB
Barrett Bready @BarrettBready

Kari Stefansson on #COVID19 #TestAndTrace "It would be even easier in a country of your size with your resources...Yes the population of Iceland is 1,000x smaller than the population of the U.S., but you have probably 5,000x the resources."…

16/04/2020 04:18:58 WIB
Puritan Medical Products @PuritanUSA

Most scientists and doctors in the #coronavirus crisis are working to save the living. However, those in the field of #forensic #pathology have a much different role. Learn more: #COVID19 #forensics #genetics #KeepCalmAndSwabOn

16/04/2020 03:53:59 WIB
Alan Kotok @alankotok

Aggressive early testing combined with contact tracing and self-isolation in Iceland appears to be slowing the spread of Covid-19 infections, according to a genetic analysis. #Science #Business #Covid19 #TestAndTrace #Genetics

16/04/2020 03:53:09 WIB
Kat McGowan @mcgowankat

Listening to Scripps Research Institute's @K_G_Andersen talk: Genomics suggests that #SARSCoV2 made the leap from bats to humans just once, only a few weeks before it was detected in Wuhan. And then took off.

16/04/2020 03:33:04 WIB
BLUF Ops @BlufOperations

Basically the USA is run by jackasses & morons, so no surprise there.... @deCODEgenetics helped Iceland test more than 10% of its population, CEO says it should be even EASIER in the US… #Iceland #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 #CoronsVirus #USA #testkits #Corruption

16/04/2020 03:20:01 WIB
Jay @ratiodisputatio

@lowcarbGP This is fascinating. I think #COVID19 effects people differently depending on genetics. I have stomach cramps, diarrhoea, breathlessness, fiery chest & throat. Low temp 37.6, bit of a dry cough, nothing remarkable. It's been 4/5 days now. Would give anything for a test.

16/04/2020 03:13:47 WIB
Meg Tirrell @megtirrell

Can US employ Iceland’s approach to #COVID19, even at 1,000x the size? Kari Stefansson: “It would be even easier in a country of your size and your resources... you taught us how to do this, but you haven’t been doing it yourself, and that is pretty sad.”

16/04/2020 02:59:27 WIB
Model Y - The end of the ICE age @ModelYendofICE

How Innovations in Genomics and Biotech Can Help With COVID-19 via @@arkinvest

16/04/2020 02:37:56 WIB
Angie Krackeler @akrackeler

IBM is making AI tools and resources available such as the Functional Genomics Platform for Coronavirus researchers for the fight against COVID-19. #AI

16/04/2020 02:23:28 WIB
Avery J. Knapp Jr., M.D. @aknappjr

@__ice9 @lewistlc @InceptionCap… Epigallocatechin-Gallate and Theaflavin-Gallate Interaction in SARS CoV-2 Spike-Protein Central-Channel with Reference to the Hydroxychloroquine Interaction: Bioinformatics and Molecular Docking Study

16/04/2020 01:43:08 WIB
Meg Tirrell @megtirrell

deCODE Genetics CEO Dr Kari Stefánsson joins us next hour on @CNBCClosingBell to discuss NEJM study of #COVID19 in Iceland. Tune in!…

16/04/2020 01:31:04 WIB
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