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Ide Brilliant, Pengusaha (Indonesia Mustahil) Berpikir Membangun Resort Mewah di Atas Sampah Plastik

Orang luar negeri yang tahu cara memanfaatkan sampah plastik
Al Jazeera English @AJEnglish

Entrepreneur builds an island resort that floats on 700,000 plastic bottles off the Ivory Coast.

10/04/2020 02:00:01 WIB
MillwoodsGal 🇨🇦 @MillwoodsGal

@AJEnglish 1/2. I saw a floating island made from pop bottles when I was on Isla Mujeres, Mexico 2012. A young man in a wheelchair went to live there, made the island with his own hands, built a house on that island. It floats and he has it moored to a pier, far enough out that he has to..

10/04/2020 02:07:56 WIB
MillwoodsGal 🇨🇦 @MillwoodsGal

@AJEnglish .. use a rowboat to get out to it from the pier. He was a great guy, late 20s maybe, American.

10/04/2020 02:08:31 WIB


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