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(Dia Masih Merah dan Memeluk Ibunya) Sebuah Video Mengharukan Memperlihatkan Bayi yg Baru Lahir Menolak Dipisahkan dari Ibunya

bayi ini tahu apa yang dia butuhkan
Kevin W @kwilli1046

This newborn doesn't want to part with mama just yet 🤗❤

09/04/2020 06:32:30 WIB
ER5150 @ER51501

@kwilli1046 And libs have no problem killing this

09/04/2020 06:35:58 WIB
DB @ddblount

@kwilli1046 Who's cutting up onions in here!! 😭😭😭

09/04/2020 06:39:15 WIB
Dog guy @Catsorange1

@kwilli1046 So, I have never stopped following you, but you rarely pop up. Paul Krugman and that Cat Professor Guy, I don't follow, but I get their garbage all the time. What gives @jack???

09/04/2020 06:40:37 WIB


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