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Menghangatkan Hati, Rekaman Para Dokter Mengapresiasi Tim Kebersihan Rumah Sakit Yang Jarang Disadari Jasanya

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Josep Goded @josepgoded

The cleaning staff at our hospitals are hardly ever mentioned and they also deserve a tribute!

30/03/2020 16:38:04 WIB
this is the truman show 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🕎 @ianrobo1

@qwertyfiable @josepgoded @raiphsays lets drop this unskilled bollox, they have a great skill, one I do not have and attention for detail and the ability to clean up after others mess - brilliant skill

30/03/2020 20:30:03 WIB
Meaghie Champion @MAWalke12024508

@josepgoded @johnashton4pcc My son Josh is a janitor at Royal Jubilee Hospital, here in Victoria BC. Prayers for his well being would be graciously and lovingly accepted and appreciated. He goes back to work today after what we think was the COVID virus. He was out for 2 weeks with it. I'm scared for him

31/03/2020 01:36:10 WIB
Mark Spence @mspence001

@josepgoded And while we’re at it, the admin and clerical staff working alongside infected wards with zero PPE or support but turning up everyday to manage patient records and anxious families’ enquiries👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

31/03/2020 01:38:41 WIB
Paul Wu-Tang Clan @PaulWuTangClan

@josepgoded @JoeG916 One of the silver linings of this pandemic is that our heroes are not musclebound men w/ big guns destroying things but instead women, often of color and immigrants who are helping us get through this w/ solidarity & compassion.

31/03/2020 04:20:32 WIB
ahmed ali akbar @radbrowndads

@josepgoded This made me very emotional. Thinking about all the people putting themselves at risk right now

31/03/2020 04:40:48 WIB
DrRamblings @DrRamblings

@MAWalke12024508 @josepgoded @johnashton4pcc Plz thank him for me. Every person is important, especially those on the frontline at hosptials et al.

31/03/2020 05:00:43 WIB
ellie poole @redpepperjellie

@mspence001 @josepgoded As a formal medical receptionist, that job isn’t for the faint of heart!

31/03/2020 05:03:44 WIB
Kim S. @kbauerclan

@radbrowndads @josepgoded Same. Those that help keep us safe behind the scenes deserve our accolades.

31/03/2020 06:01:08 WIB


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