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Netizen Amerika Ini Menganggap Anjuran Pulang ke Amerika Tak Lebih Baik Dibanding Tinggal di Indonesia

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Covid19 Donald Trump amerika Jokowi us TRUMP CORONA
James Guild @JamesJGuild
US Embassy in Indonesia says all US citizens should go home now. No thanks. Hospitals here might be under-resourced but at least Jokowi is not a complete fucking idiot. How could anyone think of Donald Trump's America as a place of refuge?
Yoes C. Kenawas @yoeskenawas
@JamesJGuild I thought it's better? I can't go to the States because the consular services closed since 2 weeks ago. Longest fieldwork ever.
James Guild @JamesJGuild
@yoeskenawas Well, you'll get better quality of care if you have insurance and you can get a bed. But I think, given the total incompetence of the US federal government, it's not any safer than just staying in Indonesia.
shaun_ww @shaun_ww
@JamesJGuild James ... my advice is listen seriously to this advice. DM me for more info.
Good Lilith @ardaneswari
@JamesJGuild If you choose to stay in Indonesia, choose to stay in Bali. Its smaller and (quite) isolated, it doesnt have any public transportation and the people are way more obedient, the spreading chance might be lesser
peanut @butterjelly_
@shaun_ww @JamesJGuild How about me? Im Indonesian, can I DM you? Need to know the reason. Thanks
DNC🌹 @ditanadya
@ardaneswari @JamesJGuild But he might catch the virus during his flight to Bali.
Yusuf PWD @SemutirengPwd
@JamesJGuild @hcahyono Oalah...ngene wae mengko nek US ono Pilpres, pilih Pak Jokowi wae yo...US mesti dadi luwih apik...yo ra?


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