Kemungkinan Video ini Hoax Sangat Tinggi, Jika Tidak, Ini Tindakan yang Tak Manusiawi: Perempuan yang Diduga dari Etnis China Tertangkap Kamera Spitting Virus di Publik Area

siapa dia? apa yang dia lakukan sebenarnya?

Chinese lady caught up in camera trying to spread virus by spitting, spraying. Many videos shows Chinese do this to own people &across the world. Wake up world! Protect yourself, beware of this. #coronavirus #LockdownNow #Italy #COVIDIDIOTS #COVID19 #lockdown #China #wuhan

24/03/2020 22:36:39 WIB
Instruktur Twerking 🔥 @about2sleep

@UNNTV1 Why its always chinese doin these. Whats their problem 😩

24/03/2020 22:41:26 WIB
Kitokito Coco ♪ @Coco18537442

@UNNTV1 Spitting is common in the rural areas of China, but the majority of young Chinese loathe spitting everywhere. It seems that she was spitting to some photos with hate, not sure if she is tending to spread the virus or not...

24/03/2020 22:47:33 WIB
0386fliknop @albert0386

@UNNTV1 And my goverment proudly import them to my country, this is new disaster

24/03/2020 23:08:00 WIB
Mark Stouffer - Value Critic @ValueCritic

@UNNTV1 It's not just Chinese people. The problem is ideological content, not DNA.…

24/03/2020 23:14:37 WIB
Darth Sidious @__Ndaru__

@about2sleep @UNNTV1 Too many dirty things that the camera captures about what they do, if he is a carrier of the virus then that means he doesn't want to die alone. They are sick, nobody in their right mind wants to get others intentionally infected

25/03/2020 00:17:46 WIB
tsukiouo @tsukiouo3

@UNNTV1 It can’t represent for all Chinese

25/03/2020 01:00:33 WIB


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