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Income Tax Rates

An easy way to start talking about finance, is to give concrete examples, that everyone can understand. A day-to-day situation.
PromoMadrid @PromoMadrid

RT @edugonzalezl The Madrid Region offers one of the lowest income tax rates in Spain: (Spanish) #fdi

06/03/2012 23:55:12 WIB
Sara Thomas @saracatherinet

High income tax rates, crazy housing prices and now record-breaking parking tickets? Yet, somehow DC, I still love you.

06/03/2012 23:50:25 WIB
BadgerMash @BadgerMash

Should "our" Government be cutting tax rates for those whose income is measured in £100,000s or even £1,000,000?

06/03/2012 23:12:34 WIB
Coutts @CouttsandCo

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29/02/2012 15:53:25 WIB
The Happy Medium®️ Jodi Livon @JodiLivon

RT @LeadingWomenUK: Co-founder of Women:Inspiration&Enterprise, June Sarpong speaks about female empowerment with @CouttsandCo @wienetwork

04/03/2012 06:18:00 WIB

Finance, money, savings, spendings the kind of thing that everyone worries about daily.

Private wealth management is in full swing. Experts are guiding investors towards alternative investments.

But there is sometimes so much jargon in finance, that it is necessary to make things easier and to explain what's what, in order to talk the same language.


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