Sandra Eckersley Denies History, and other stories

The twitter account @sandraeckersley, among others, is not a genuine participant in arguments. She has demonstrated herself (below) to be unscrupulous and to defy rational norms of argument. Arguments with her - and those who share her behaviour - are a waste of time. Make your decisions about engaging her accordingly.

EDIT: This debate has now been conclusively settled, by the release by Oxford Union of the Q&A session with Julian Assange. Scroll to the end to read of it.

Sandra Eckersley Denies History, and other stories

About two weeks ago, when the news came out that Julian Assange would speak via videolink to the Oxford Union, there was a student initiative to protest.

First, a protest was organized outside the Oxford Union.

Then, another person started a group and started advertising and planning a protest outside the Ecuadorean embassy in London.

Another Angry Woman ‏@stavvers said...

There is now a Facebook event for Assange protest in London, 23rd January

[[original tweet link:](this tweet has been quoted because the user has blocked me)

The dual protests were widely reported at the time. One publication that publicized them is the Huffington Post:

An appearance by Julian Assange at Oxford University is prompting students to organise demonstrations in London and Oxford in protest. [...] Now, a group of Oxford students is organising two protests to coincide with the event on 23 January. One is to take place at the university, while the other will be held outside the Ecuadorian embassy, where Assange has sought sanctuary.

The fact that this was in the Huffington Post, among all the others, is important. Bear it in mind.

Two weeks passed. The event happened yesterday. By all appearances, there was a protest held outside the Oxford Union, but there was no protest outside the Ecuadorian embassy. A vigil by Assange supporters was held instead.

Emmy B @greekemmy
Back from the vigil outside the Ecuadorian Embassy, no protesters there = zero, just #Assange & #WikiLeaks supporters 2journos, 1troll.
Emmy B @greekemmy
@jegerentwit thx for the link :-) the protesters mentioned were in Oxford. They also planned a London protest, but zero turnout.

The footage from the event has not been released, but there was some commentary by attending journalists. Of this, one, on Huffington Post, made this claim:

Felicity Morse @FelicityMorse
Assange speaks at Oxford says no protesters, only supporters, but pics show big sign saying 'F8CK OFF ASSANGE'

From the Huffington Post article:

Another student, Rachael Savage, asked him "What would you say to the protesters outside who say your appearance tonight diminishes the seriousness of rape and sexual assault?" He told her there were 28 supporters of him and no one else, something the security staff said was not true: no supporters of Assange had turned up all night, the Guardian wrote.


It seemed clear that Assange had been referring to the vigil outside the embassy, and not the protest outside the Oxford Union.

@FelicityMorse He was clearly talking about the proposed protest outside the embassy, not the union. The embassy protest never happened.
@FelicityMorse Are you going to correct your post to reflect that?
Felicity Morse @FelicityMorse
@x7o no because he was asked about the protesters from oxford.
@FelicityMorse Were there police outside the union too? He mentioned those too, didn't he? Ask @greekemmy, who was outside the embassy.

And then the conversation took an absurd turn. @sandraeckersley, a Twitter user with a reputation for reliably partisan attacks on Julian Assange, denied there had been any plans to protest outside the embassy.

Sandra K Eckersley🔹 @SandraEckersley
@x7o @FelicityMorse What embassy protest? There was never an embassy protest planned or advertised, Why not accept #Assange spins the truth?
@SandraEckersley @FelicityMorse My goodness, but that is a lie. When this event was first announced, @stavvers announced an embassy protest.
Sandra K Eckersley🔹 @SandraEckersley
@x7o @FelicityMorse @stavvers Absurd. #Assange mother in hot water over her attacks on Oxford protest. Do you think Julian missed that?
@SandraEckersley @FelicityMorse "One will take place at Union, while the other will be outside the Ecuadorian embassy"
Sandra K Eckersley🔹 @SandraEckersley
@x7o @FelicityMorse Such protectionist misinformation. #Assange was specifically asked about the Oxford protest which he specifically denied
@SandraEckersley @FelicityMorse You said "never an embassy protest planned or advertised." There was: You are a liar.
Sling Trebuchet @SlingTrebuchet
@SandraEckersley I just looked "outside" I couldn't see anyone protesting against me. Normally it's supporters @x7o @FelicityMorse #Assange
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