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Video Bokeh Full HD Japan Terbaru 2020

Ini nih trik buat video bokeh full HD kayak japan-japan video 4K itu. terbaru paling mudah cek di sini -->
Blyze Bou and Collie Doggo🎵 @BluNoseReindeer

@Werwolfram Ye! I'm not too trusting of adapting AF based lenses. Hoping that the bokeh quality won't be as nervous looking as the 28-75 normal zoom. My 85 is my fav though

14/03/2020 22:19:32 WIB
Rak the Crocodile | adulting brb @prayingforSSR

@FURUICHIGASAKI Anime Omi is in the grad event? Prime lens kasi is usually for close subjects, like a portrait and shis (parang yung focus effect ng cameras ng mga beauty vloggers), it creates bokeh effect Telephoto is what fanpage noonas use when taking pics of idols. Pang farther subjects 😅

14/03/2020 21:40:18 WIB
Botvolution @botvolution

OK who knows some #bokeh ??? On the attached chart, y_axis_type="datetime" but why does it skip intermediate tick values? How do i force it to print 2009, 2011, 2013 etc as well ? God i hate #bokeh #Python

14/03/2020 21:02:34 WIB
wAf🦋 @blupblup05

@ptriaisyhumyrh @_nrathirxh Aku pun nak lagi jugakkkk like bokeh sekali je :(

14/03/2020 20:37:10 WIB
Mr Wôlé 🇧🇯🇬🇦 @koladev31

CustomJS of Bokeh is an interesting feature. Until I can't handle it properly 😭.

14/03/2020 20:07:41 WIB
bribadoobee @tbzrv

these bokeh lights becoming my enemy

14/03/2020 19:52:51 WIB


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