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Rentetan Rekaman dan Laporan Jurnalis Internasional Ranna Ayyub Terjadinya Kekerasan Atas Muslim di Chand Bagh, New Delhi oleh Ekstrimis Hindu

Suarakan ketidakadilan atas minoritas
Azzam Mujahid Izzulhaq @AzzamIzzulhaq

Full-time Father & Social Entrepreneur | Part-time CEO & Founder of AMI Group and AMI Foundation | Management's Contact: WA +628114912000 (text only)

Azzam Mujahid Izzulhaq @AzzamIzzulhaq

Kekerasan terjadi terhadap umat Islam di Chand Bagh, Delhi India. Sallimhum ya Rabb :( Video by @RanaAyyub, jurnalis @washingtonpost

26/02/2020 08:28:10 WIB
aku tetap_Hanifa @EhbHanifa

@AzzamIzzulhaq @RanaAyyub @washingtonpost 😭😭😭😭....ya Allah...angkat rasa sakitnya spt Engkau angkat rasa sakit Nabi Ibrahim...dan muliakan hamba2Mu yg terdzolimi oleh kebiadaban makhluq2Mu...🙏🙏🙏

26/02/2020 08:42:27 WIB
Soni Hendra @sohen66

@AzzamIzzulhaq @RanaAyyub @washingtonpost Innalillaahi... Semoga Allaah SWT senantiasa lindungi saudara2 kami di belahan bumi manapun dari kekejaman org2 dzalim. Aamiinnn

26/02/2020 10:11:00 WIB
Jokobodo @kodobong

@AzzamIzzulhaq @ini7indonesia @RanaAyyub @washingtonpost Kenapa ormas2 Islam Indonesia diam saja ? Apakah penyakit wahn itu sudah sangat parah? Mana suara kalian wahai MU, NU FPI dsb. Mana kepatuhan kalian kepada amanah Rasulullah Sholallahu 'alaihi wassallam. ?! @muhammadiyah @FPI_isback @PKSejahtera

26/02/2020 19:08:42 WIB

Tweets Ranna Ayyub

Rana Ayyub @RanaAyyub

Journalist. Global Opinions Writer @WashingtonPost. Words in TIME, New Yorker, NYT, Guardian, Foreign Policy. Book- Gujarat Files: Anatomy of a Cover Up…

Mrutyunjay @MrutyunjayNJ

Executed a Hindu Man, destroyed a Family, Burned down his bike earn by his 9-5 hard job. Burnt down his home which might even force their children and wife to pay homeloans See this chants of terrorist in Delhi. "Naara e taqbeer, Allah hu Akbar"

25/02/2020 10:03:50 WIB
जय श्री राम Bultyy Jaglan 🇮🇳🇮🇳 @bultyy_jaglan

@RanaAyyub किस प्रकार हिंदुओ ने इंसानियत का परिचय दिया इस वीडियो को देखकर अंदाजा लगाया जा सकता है कि कैसे उन्होंने एक शांतिदूत बुजुर्ग को सही सलामत भिजवाया है देखकर इस वीडियो को अधिक से अधिक शेयर करें #DelhiBurning #DelhiViolence #DelhiBurns #ShahrukhMuslimTerrorist

25/02/2020 19:01:25 WIB
Seerat (Stay Home Stay Safe) @im_seerat

@RanaAyyub Delhi 2020 is getting worst than Gujrat 2002. And everyone know who’s behind all these ..

25/02/2020 19:01:33 WIB
Rana Ayyub @RanaAyyub

We did not have social media in 2002 but each of the screams, the chants you hear now was heard then. Right in front of our eyes. It is repeating itself. We wept when they demolished the tomb of Wali Gujarati and saw an indifferent regime look the other way. It is REPEATING…

25/02/2020 21:00:46 WIB
N. Bharti(संघन) @bharti_voice

Dear @DelhiPolice this lady @RanaAyyub is trying to instigate violence by posting disturbing videos and she's retweeting it herself so that much number of people can watch it. Stop her. She can be dangerous for this situation.

25/02/2020 20:53:20 WIB
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Arvind Kejriwal @ArvindKejriwal

.@FLOTUS will attend happiness class in our school today. Great day for our teachers, students and Delhiites. For centuries, India has taught spirituality to the world. Am happy that she will take back the msg of happiness from our school

25/02/2020 09:57:14 WIB
Rana Ayyub @RanaAyyub

We Burnt the Mazar Down': Hindutva Men Talk About the Violence They Unleashed "Are they [Muslims] bigger goons than us? We are the bigger goons. We will show them their place, not allow them to remain (even) in their homes."…

25/02/2020 21:47:36 WIB
Tehseen Poonawalla Official @tehseenp

@RanaAyyub Fair enough . If u stand by it I will respect that .

25/02/2020 23:06:47 WIB

DCP North West, Delhi: Some false information/news item has been circulating regarding damage to a mosque in Ashok Vihar area. It is to clarify that no such incident has taken place in the area of Ashok Vihar. Please do not spread false information.

25/02/2020 23:16:35 WIB
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