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Torontoplex @Torontoplex

On Screen International (Tuesday) Hong Kong: ENTER THE FAT DRAGON Yonge-Dundas Markham Korea: THE MAN STANDING NEXT Empress Walk

18/02/2020 21:30:00 WIB
Ratna Setya Hutami @ratnahutami

👧 : Pdhal kita saling mencintai tetapi kenapa kita selalu bertengkar? 👦 : Ini bukan bertengkar, kita sedang berkomunikasi. #sad Enter the fat dragon - 2020

18/02/2020 12:15:24 WIB
OnlyNiceThings @_OnlyNiceThings

Enter the Fat Dragon 2020. What were they thinking making the lead female character such an entitled bitch? Hate saying that but when she started getting beaten up, everyone was cheering for it. That's how you know you're a horribly written character. Sammo does not approve

18/02/2020 11:19:21 WIB
Steven Ramirez, #Author @byStevenRamirez

This Week In #Movie #Trailers: Run This Town, Enormous: The Gorge Story, Over the Rainbow, Enter the Fat Dragon, Love Fraud via @slashfilm

18/02/2020 09:00:02 WIB
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Roberto Lopez @stuntworks

Hello my Kung fu cinema peeps. Enter the Fat Dragon is playing, at AMC on 42 street. Been long time since I seen a hk movie on 42 street highly recommend it if you a true fan of the genre. Donnie Yen stars in this……

18/02/2020 03:24:34 WIB
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Jason Seaver @JaySeaver

On the blog: Donnie Yen is fun in ENTER THE FAT DRAGON '20, although it would have been fine without the fat-suit gimmick.…

18/02/2020 02:03:11 WIB
Simon Abrams @simonsaybrams

Speaking of jokes about Martin Scorsese: why not read my piece on ENTER THE FAT DRAGON?…

18/02/2020 00:09:43 WIB
Pluymers Peter @ikkegoemikke

This Week In Trailers: Run This Town, Enormous: The Gorge Story, Over the Rainbow, Enter the Fat Dragon, Love Fraud…

17/02/2020 19:30:00 WIB
jessdon🐼 @sheeriooooz

@moviemenfes 5 action movies to get to know me : 1. jackie chan series 2. enter the fat dragon 3. kingsman 4. johny english 5. the spy who dumped me

17/02/2020 14:33:56 WIB
Kung Fu Movie Guide @KFMovieGuide

OUT NOW: Watch #DonnieYen in #EnterTheFatDragon, now playing in selected cinemas across USA and Canada, courtesy of @wellgousa. Get tickets now from Here's our review...…

17/02/2020 14:21:00 WIB
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Super Reaction Bros. @SuperReactBros

It ain't over until the fat guy kicks your ass in our reaction to the Official Trailer for Enter the Fat Dragon. #enterthefatdragon

17/02/2020 10:16:17 WIB
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bit(((maelstrom))) @bitmaelstrom

@juleslalaland Oh, def go see "Enter the Fat Dragon". Donny Yen's looking great, even in the fat suit.

17/02/2020 09:56:18 WIB
bit(((maelstrom))) @bitmaelstrom

Was at the movies today to see "Enter The Fat Dragon" and something AMAZING happened: I saw two trailers for American movies that didn't make me instantly hate them. They even looked =good= somehow.

17/02/2020 09:49:45 WIB
Brimstone @bigbrimstone

There's a movie out called Enter The Fat Dragon 😭

17/02/2020 07:03:08 WIB
Jason Seaver @JaySeaver

I won't say it's the better movie, but I enjoyed the new ENTER THE FAT DRAGON much more than UNCUT GEMS this afternoon.

17/02/2020 06:30:36 WIB
Kung Fu Movie Guide @KFMovieGuide

REVIEW: Enter the Fat Dragon (2020), starring #DonnieYen. The film is out now in the USA, courtesy of @wellgousa.…

17/02/2020 01:54:00 WIB
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david j. moore @VideoValhalla85

Checking out ENTER THE FAT DRAGON with Donnie Yen in a completely empty theater.

17/02/2020 01:47:28 WIB
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Mike Toole @MichaelToole

oh hey, ENTER THE FAT DRAGON is playing this week! It looks kinda bad tbh, but I'm not missing a Donnie Yen movie in theaters.

17/02/2020 00:58:38 WIB
Wustoo @wustoo

This Week In Trailers: Run This Town, Enormous: The Gorge Story, Over the Rainbow, Enter the Fat Dragon, Love Fraud…

16/02/2020 22:49:25 WIB
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