Responses to Slavoj Žižek's "Good Manners in the Age of #Wikileaks"

A compilation of replies to the following essay by Slavoj Žižek:
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Chuck Thies @ChuckThies
"The ultimate show of power on the part of the ruling ideology is to allow what appears to be powerful criticism."
Ryan Neufeld @bobneuf
A balanced perspective? Very rare indeed! RT @rwd01: RT @khephir: Slavoj Žižek: Good Manners in the Age of WikiLeaks -
Christian Lorentzen @xlorentzen
Politeness: you close the door and say, “Pardon, Madame!”; tact: close the door and say: “Pardon, Monsieur!”’ Slavoj:
The instance Žižek quotes to differentiate politeness & tact draws tact dangerously close to being received as insult.
"The only surprising thing about the WikiLeaks revelations is that they contain no surprises." #zizek on #wikileaks
Margaret @archipelagoing
"Why, at this precise moment, is there this renewed need for a lie to maintain the social system?" Žižek @LondonReview
Tassa @tassaleaks
His writing is available in English (in Russian! RT@tokyorich: Zizek on Wikileaks cc @martintokyo
Die @🏠 Gehrmeinschaft @richardgehr
A "cynical trickster...beaten at his own game" but not the one you think. Slavoj Zizek on Wikileaks
"What WikiLeaks threatens is the formal functioning of power." Slavoj Zizek
Jeffrey “crypto means hidden” Paul @sneakdotberlin
24h after I suggest Bruce Wayne as a role model to Wikileaks, Žižek likens Assange to The Joker:


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