Tweets from #Wikipedia 10th Anniversary Event in Bristol #wp10

A compilation of live Tweets from Jimmy Wales' Bristol lecture in honor of Wikipedia's 10th anniversary.
Internet Anniversary Birthday 10 Wikipedia encyclopedia
Wikipedia @Wikipedia
We're celebrating Wikipedia's 10th anniversary at 318 events in 86 countries. You're invited! #wp10
Wikipedia @Wikipedia
Three days until #Wikipedia turns 10! Tell the world what Wikipedia means to you. #wp10
Tim Jones @timjonesbooks
So I'm all with the information: Literature of Burma: #spbkchat
Peter Blackman @allviewsmyown
A room full of wiki tweeters. Can you feel the concentration? #wp10
Prof Mike Yearworth @MikeYearworth
Attending the Jimmy Wales lecture at the University of Bristol #wp10 #in
Richie Jones @RichieJones
The talk tile is 'evolving the dream' it's like hendrix is about to arrive! #wp10 #webrockstars
Louise Ridley @LouiseRidley
Hashtag #wp10 for all Wikipedia 10th anniversary tweeting
Julio Romo @twofourseven
Bristol University's Victoria Room filling in anticipation of Jimmy Wales #Wikipedia lecture. #wp10
Hywel Vaughan @hrvaughan
Loving the idea of renaming it the wiktoria rooms. Apparently jimmy wales was going to rap, but his lyrics needed citation. #wp10
James Hawkins @Staticman1
I feel like I'm using my phone during school assembly but no detentions. Not long now #wp10
Redeye @redeye
Fascinating conversation going on in the row behind me. Semantic value extraction in social groups. #wp10
Wikimedia UK @wikimediauk
Bristol University's Victoria Room filling in anticipation of Jimmy Wales #Wikipedia lecture. #wp10
There's a fantastic buzz here at Bristol's Victoria Rooms, we're waiting for the man of the hour, Mr Jimmy Wales #wp10 #wp10bristol
James Hawkins @Staticman1
Woo don't need to feel ashamed for once that I've edited wikipedia #wp10
Louise Ridley @LouiseRidley
Over 300 events worldwide on Sat for Wikipedia 10th anniversary #wp10
Paul Smith Bristol @bristolpaul
"everybody loves free beer" James Wales (well not muslims, quakers, methodists or @kerrymp) #wp10
Thom B @Slightly_Random
Jimmy Wales like a good cat vid. We're kindred spirits. #wp10
Julio Romo @twofourseven
Jimmy Wales: "Wikipedia isn't Youtube, it hasn't got funny cat videos!" #wp10
Daniel Herrera @ToDanielHerrera
JImmy Wales begins by asking what is the sum of human knowledge? #wp10
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🧜‍♀️Charlie Eastabrook 🧜‍♂️ @charlie_elise
Jimmy Wales explains Wikipedia has about 50 employees now (jokes the org is getting bloated) #wp10
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