Diduga Diubah Waktu dan Tanggal Postingan, Perdebatan Prediksi Tahun 2012 Akun dotNoso Sebut Kobe Bryant Akan Tewas Dalam Kecelakaan Helikopter

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Story 20 Momen Kemesraan Kobe Bryant-Gianna, Pebasket Legendaris yang Tewas Bersama Putrinya d.. Mendiang Kobe Bryant dan Gianna sering terlihat bersama dalam beberapa pekan terakhir sebelum insiden kecelakaan helikopter. 561 pv
.Noso @dotNoso

Kobe is going to end up dying in a helicopter crash

14/11/2012 04:32:14 WIB
.Noso @dotNoso

@Aviador Fuck. I’m sorry... Fuck fuck fuck

27/01/2020 02:48:35 WIB
Shanneej @shanneej

@Aviador @dotNoso What made you write that about Kobe just curious did you see something

27/01/2020 10:35:15 WIB
Anthony DeWayne Mack @AnthonyMackONE

@shanneej @Aviador @dotNoso Here's what happened: in 2012, the OP saw an article about Kobe using a helicopter to take Steve Blake to a doctor's appointment. OP tweets. Forgets about it. 7 years later, Kobe dies in a helicopter. OP's tweet goes viral.

27/01/2020 12:12:41 WIB
Çîya yê Cudî#Mount Judi#Kutsal Cudi Dağı @Holymountjudi


27/01/2020 04:31:46 WIB
Jykloom @jykloom

@Holymountjudi @dotNoso Can you recreate what noso did. Back date a tweet for us please.

27/01/2020 11:49:37 WIB
Inspector @FXInspector

@ip_Guy_ @dotNoso Hey, look at the tweet, he is using a well-known android app called Carbon that can change dates to older ones “Carbon V 2.5”.. so cheap and pathetic to get traffic to his account!!

27/01/2020 04:02:10 WIB
Jared @McMorrisDesigns

@FXInspector @ip_Guy_ @dotNoso It's not possible to change a date on a tweet. Dates are stored server-side. The only possible way to change a date would be to hack into Twitter's database.

27/01/2020 10:49:48 WIB
Guy @ip_Guy_

@dotNoso How did you use Carbon V2.5 in 2012 while V2.4.31 was released in 2015? pic.twitter.com/zqxq2LL844

27/01/2020 03:45:39 WIB
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Guy @ip_Guy_

@dotNoso This doesn't prove that it's fake. All of the tweets from this account around this date are sent from "Carbon v2.5". It has to be a Twitter bug or something. pic.twitter.com/26ArLN3TZc

27/01/2020 04:33:08 WIB
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mām @akutah_mrtyuh

@ip_Guy_ @dotNoso Some of those old v2.5 tweets have replies from others in 2012, so to me it looks like a glitch with the version number, perhaps caused by twitter's internal changes over the years, and no faking. Not sure you can even fake it. pic.twitter.com/kbXfQP75zb

27/01/2020 05:01:34 WIB
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KnowBoddee @KnowBoddee

@akutah_mrtyuh @ip_Guy_ @dotNoso Anything can be faked. So where are the 2012 replies to this tweet?

27/01/2020 05:18:19 WIB
𝕸𝖔𝖓€¥𝖅𝖎££𝖆 @money_zilla

@ip_Guy_ @dotNoso I have checked .noso’s tweet history and could not find this Kobe dying tweet among all of his 2012 tweets...😡

27/01/2020 04:04:07 WIB
YSS ⚡ @boylarbeyi

@ip_Guy_ @dotNoso Tweet is legit, this is google search result before year 2013 pic.twitter.com/PwIvx5VV7p

27/01/2020 05:09:45 WIB
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RealMetalGaming @RealMetalGaming

@boylarbeyi @ip_Guy_ @dotNoso It can still be fake. As google could just simply read the date of the tweet and use that to date it. He changed the date.

27/01/2020 06:42:04 WIB
Newton Pasapasa Jnr 🇰🇪 @newtonpasapasa

@ip_Guy_ @dotNoso Very Simple. Because he changed the dates today , after learning about the death of Kobe, that's why it's showing that version of Carbon. And we are in 2020.

27/01/2020 05:34:12 WIB
Joke Police 🚨 @jokepolice5

@antonhz @quxori @thesanatanist @25SimmonsSzn @eriksavagee @RunzaRunaway @facecreme @Aviador @dotNoso With this software, you can This tweet was made in 2012, and carbon v2.5 came out in 2015, he probably used the software to change the date of this tweet or to just change one of his old tweets pic.twitter.com/XG1m0xYPGq

27/01/2020 03:59:33 WIB
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Cake-vin Hauw Dinata🤟 @colaVINsky

@jokepolice5 @antonhz @quxori @thesanatanist @25SimmonsSzn @eriksavagee @RunzaRunaway @facecreme @Aviador @dotNoso Lol u cant change the date. You can try by yourself and show us if you dare. It's impossible. He used carbonAPI in 2012. In 2012 there are more than just twitter for android and twitter for iphone. The tag will change if there's an update. This is the example of my tweet in 2012 pic.twitter.com/DL94g1embP

27/01/2020 10:37:28 WIB
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Slayzz 🇬🇧 @SlayzzEh

@ZakodiakZuneizi @jokepolice5 @antonhz @quxori @thesanatanist @25SimmonsSzn @eriksavagee @RunzaRunaway @facecreme @Aviador @dotNoso dotNoso used the WebOS Version of Carbon was in v2.5 at this time period. Do some research and you’d know that. pic.twitter.com/Wj5Dzc3X4Y

27/01/2020 11:46:27 WIB
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yun✨ @OhNaNaNaaz

@ryan_nus itu pake Carbon, so pasti pmbuat ngubah waktu dan tanggal postingan

27/01/2020 10:22:04 WIB
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