Liat Aja Jijik dan Bikin Ngilu Waktu Dagingnya Keluar. Video Adegan Seorang Pria Memilih Kodok di Pasar Lalu Langsung Memakannya

konon ini di china, tapi tak semua orang china seperti ini ya
social daging china kodok
דוד אשר @_DavidAsher
The Chinese people began to be dangerous for people around the world. The Chinese spread disease to the earth due to the food they eat. States all over the world should take action. A boycott should be applied to the Chinese government and its people. #WuhanSARS
Alpha Boss @alph43oss
@_DavidAsher Did the economic attack on China that resulted in starvation push people to normalize these more "interesting" diets?
Hip-Hop Thoub @KMurbati12
@_DavidAsher Its no longer a cultural thing thy outright gave up humanity and faith
Murtaza Hussain @MurtazaHussain4
@_DavidAsher that's the reason, our prophet Muhammad pbuh have already told muslims about the differences between halal and haram.
NDarwish @NDarwish099
@_DavidAsher This is definitely sickeningly barbaric.
Differently Sincere @rassasi777
@_DavidAsher “Gogg Magoog” Who else qualifies to be the nearest to them other then Far East and mainly Chinese
Gulferaz Ahmed @AhmedGulferaz
@_DavidAsher Gogg & magog will devour the resources of the world.......
Natchorules @natchorules
@MurtazaHussain4 @_DavidAsher I respect Islam, Mohamed praise be upon him, Christianity the words of jesus Christ, Buddhism, hindu, all origins of faith have much wisdom and beauty, they also teach compassion and humanity. I think the spilling of any blood is not entirely good tho. The killing of animals too
lulu @lulu57653349
@_DavidAsher I believe this rarely happens in China. Please do not spread this kind of disgusting video and criticize all the Chinese people. Most of them have never eaten these wild animals and they are also victims. Unfortunately, it cannot be denied that some of them are crazy and shameful
Xiaomi @Xiaomi59032321
@lulu57653349 @_DavidAsher If this rare things, all people will gather around this guy to watch him did this unusual thing. But people ignoring him like it's just happen normally


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