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Didebat Karena Bisa Pakai Make-Up Atau Aktor Yang Lebih Muda, Rekaman Bedanya Touch Up Digital Aktor di Film 'Irishman' (2019)

Netizen merasa harga touch up digital kelewat mahal
film Al pacino CGI hollywood MAKE-UP Digital Irishman
Film Facts 🎬 @factsonfiIm

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Film Facts 🎬 @factsonfiIm
Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’ (2019) cost $175M to produce and most of that money was used to make the actors look younger through CGI
I'm Nick I am @AnnoGalactic
@factsonfiIm @FilmEasterEggs Couldn’t get that old man walk out of their legs, though.
M J Kara @mjkara35
@Jack_Crutons @factsonfiIm @CultureCrave Because the way commerce works in the real world is that employees are paid money to undertake and complete a task.
gmick @gmick3
@factsonfiIm @Mayberrykush why not just find proper younger actors instead of giving more money to old, established, privileged actors.
KyleDelorenzo @codeofcomics
@gmick3 @factsonfiIm @Mayberrykush Because why wouldn't you go with these 3 when they are THE best for these kinds of movies. Anyone else and the movie wouldn't have been as good, they gave an incredible performance
Pimpin_Ryan @Ryan_Grayberg
@codeofcomics @gmick3 @factsonfiIm @Mayberrykush And I say your wrong because they *were the best at these type of films. But now we should just give it a break... lol we needa establish some different actors for organized crime roles
IG: Kelechi.img @KELECHI_doc
@gmick3 @factsonfiIm @Mayberrykush Because they are banking on the already established names of said actors
Rob Xan Dam @IncoherentNegro
@gmick3 @factsonfiIm @Mayberrykush I’d agree if it wasn’t about these actors, DeNiro, Pesci, and Pacino are some of the best actors ever. Can’t really bank on an unknown by comparison, plus I’m sure Scorsese is buddy-buddy with them all at this point. So favoritism plays a part
allie @alliie_mac
@gmick3 @factsonfiIm @Mayberrykush it was over many years so they had to look different ages throughout the film.
Ola @OlaAkande87
@gmick3 @factsonfiIm @Mayberrykush Why pay more actors lol than you’d have to spend more $$ having to photoshop their heads on those young dudes bodies. Sounds like an extra hassle
~ @BardiaCFC
@gmick3 @factsonfiIm @Mayberrykush It’s because we see them age through tour the film... if you got a younger actor you would have used cgi to make him older later. Watch the film before you speak maybe
Nze Ifeanyi AnyiCash @anyicash2
@gmick3 @factsonfiIm @Mayberrykush No worry, you didn't understand the concept of the movie.


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