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Kakeknya Meninggal Bertahun-tahun yang Lalu, Wanita Ini Tak Menyangka Saat Melihat Google Maps Malah Menemukan Penampakan Mengejutkan Ini

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yajaira @yajairalyb

My grandpa passed away a few years ago. We didn’t get to say goodbye to him. Yesterday we found out google maps finally drove through his farm and as we were curious going through it, where the road ends, there is my grandpa, just sitting there. 😭

07/01/2020 20:54:17 WIB
CryptoTore @ToreThornas

@yajairalyb You should save that "photo", I had the same story with my grand father, but its gone now since Google has updated their images of his street (I just noticed) :(

09/01/2020 19:47:41 WIB
nani🌻✨ @naniisoglam

@yajairalyb Omg my heart. I wish Honduras has this sense of technology so i can see my grandma sitting outside her house en la maca 🥺😭

08/01/2020 22:22:57 WIB
carmen “elphy” 💙🏁💜💛 @urperfectverse

@yajairalyb 😫😭😭😭😭😭😭 that’s so beautiful. It would have been my grandmother’s birthday 100th today. We lost her Oct 20, 2017. This touched me so much you have no idea. What a nice hello from him.

09/01/2020 10:36:55 WIB
𝙘𝙧𝙞𝙨 @Buenrostrohhh

@yajairalyb my great abuelo passed away last month, exactly 1 year after my great abuela also left us. to see him here walking to our old house brings back so many childhood memories 🖤🖤

09/01/2020 04:39:31 WIB
jen @jxnni2fresh

@Buenrostrohhh @yajairalyb my grandma passed away in 2014❤️ found this and it made my day. she was my rock🌹

09/01/2020 09:53:58 WIB
liz @HoangryAF

@yajairalyb same as my buddy lucky, rip :(

09/01/2020 04:14:32 WIB
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Hardvon @vontodo

@yajairalyb Same here Kalau lagi kangen opung, ku buka google maps, ada doi

09/01/2020 21:43:46 WIB
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ʸⱼ-∞ღTinaღ∞⁷𐂂🐋 @KittyKotekzyx

@yajairalyb i used to be able to see my mom on there after she passed away but they've sadly updated it within a past few years 😞

09/01/2020 12:54:26 WIB
ʸⱼ-∞ღTinaღ∞⁷𐂂🐋 @KittyKotekzyx

@yajairalyb actually, i think before she passed away? i think that the most recent maps is from 2015, & she passed in 2016, so i used to be able to see her before she passed on the maps, i just wish i had recorded it 🙃

09/01/2020 13:07:40 WIB
Galih_GaL @Remukan_Kacang

@yajairalyb The best xpression is indonesian people.. How many crash.. when they saw the google maps cars 😂

09/01/2020 13:13:42 WIB
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🤗 @tokintana

@Mmmbakerr it really blew my mind how many people see their passed relatives on there 😢

09/01/2020 06:35:28 WIB
Siddhartha Villanueva 🗣🎙 Currently waiting @RikuVAnueva

@yajairalyb I’m seeing so many people sharing their own family stories in google maps and I’m legit tearing up. This is so sad and yet so hopeful and my heart can’t handle it.

09/01/2020 23:00:50 WIB
sori said she loves me @monckey64

@yajairalyb to everyone who’s seen their fam on google maps: SAVE AND BACKUP YOUR SCREENSHOTS AND VIDS they’ll eventually go through these areas again to update them, and that would be such an awful thing to lose

09/01/2020 08:58:16 WIB
maddie @maddiieng

@yajairalyb This is one of the saddest threads I’ve ever seen

09/01/2020 15:00:42 WIB
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