Hanya Tiga Menit Film MerriageStory Berhasil Biki Penonton Menahan Nafas dan Ikut Meneteskan Air Mata

pemainnya mantab, mereka tidak hanya mengingat tapi juga menginterpretasikan isi naskah dengan tepat
Screenplayed @Screenplayed

No dialogue or moments of hesitation is improvised in this fight scene from @MarriageStory. Everything was scripted. pic.twitter.com/sXN0gLgjrM

18/12/2019 01:20:04 WIB
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Khalil T. Woods @khaliltwoods

@Screenplayed @MarriageStory If you are a child of divorced parents, you feel it deeply. It is a beautiful portrayal nonetheless and it deserves performance Oscars.

18/12/2019 01:22:50 WIB
Corey Harry @SupaSNJ

@Screenplayed @MarriageStory As someone who has been through something similar, it was real. The lawyers, the costs and sacrifices as a dad, etc... Just like IRL, you get defeated and do the best you can, be the best parent you can be and adjust to your new reality.

18/12/2019 01:36:54 WIB
J.F. Luiña Bousquet @hwanphee

@Screenplayed @MarriageStory Oh wow, they can memorize a text. Give them all the Oscars.

18/12/2019 01:42:18 WIB
KO8E24 @gaaabe23

@Screenplayed @YoJessicaFlores @MarriageStory Again, the lines are there...the acting of the passion is there but it’s just not landing. I didn’t for a second believe it or feel it 🤷🏽‍♂️ Go watch American Son If you want to feel the emotion jump off the screen

18/12/2019 02:49:18 WIB
tontaro @fer_etro

@hwanphee @Screenplayed @MarriageStory Exactly, they both deserve it. It's not just memorize, it's interpretation and feelings and every actor needs to connect with their characters in some way to actually bring them to life. I find that, indeed, Oscar worthy.

18/12/2019 05:25:36 WIB
Conway Tweety @snakebit05

@Screenplayed @MarriageStory Very accurate representation of a marriage coming undone bw two people (with one child) who still have a lot of love and respect for each other. I speak from experience.

18/12/2019 05:46:08 WIB
Susmita Pal @palsusmita

@Screenplayed @MarriageStory Such a beautiful love story on divorce. Specially the last scene. It's the perfect ending.

18/12/2019 07:41:35 WIB
two test tickles🇲🇾🇦🇱 @__ahan___

@fermalien @hwanphee @Screenplayed @MarriageStory Respectfully disagree. I don't think this is the best example of an on-screen argument ensuing. Feels a bit too scripted since they followed the script word-for-word

18/12/2019 09:27:34 WIB
tontaro @fer_etro

@__ahan___ @hwanphee @Screenplayed @MarriageStory Because it is planned. Not every movie has to be like "this part wasn't on the script but director loved it so they kept it". In this case I don't think improvisation would make any good to the scene because you can't just argue if you have no reason and expect it to look good

18/12/2019 12:00:45 WIB
Deep State Cyber Rat @notmymichael

@plaid_shepherd @Screenplayed @MarriageStory Jokes aside, the performance does remind me of a play. Like they’re each waiting for the other to stop so they could deliver their own lines.

18/12/2019 12:27:39 WIB
two test tickles🇲🇾🇦🇱 @__ahan___

@fermalien @hwanphee @Screenplayed @MarriageStory I don't mind a script being planned, but the argument seems a bit too... Perfect? Like everything is timed to the dot. Lacks the raw energy of an actual argument where people are interrupting each other frequently and stuttering due to anger. Maybe that's just me but idk

18/12/2019 12:43:28 WIB
J.F. Luiña Bousquet @hwanphee

@fermalien @Screenplayed @MarriageStory Memorizing a text and bringing it to life with feelings: it's called ACTING. It's basically their only job, since they are actors. Did the Transformers and Marvel movies really set the bar that low for moviegoers that anyone deserves an Oscar now just for acting?

18/12/2019 15:12:17 WIB
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