DrGoddess Live-Tweets Byron Hurt's #SoulFoodJunkies on PBS

Byron Hurt's new documentary, "Soul Food Junkies" premiered on PBS's "Independent Lens" and it was wonderful. Check out other tweets at #SoulFoodJunkies This is what happened on my timeline.
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Dr. Goddess EXPERT #BlackWallstreet #TulsaMassacre @drgoddess
Loving, Loving, LOVING "Soul Food Junkies!" Thank you, Byron!!! Yaaaaaaasssss!!! *applauds wildly* #PBS #IndependentLens
Dr. Goddess EXPERT #BlackWallstreet #TulsaMassacre @drgoddess
Outside of some of that fatback, though, there's an article that says enslaved Southerners had better diets (vegetables) than today. #SFJ
Dr. Goddess EXPERT #BlackWallstreet #TulsaMassacre @drgoddess
Everything Dick Gregory and Minister Abdul said is why @mrdaveyd 's essay on pork was sooo funny last year. #SoulFoodJunkies
Sweeter Than My Solitude @DeeshaPhilyaw
@drgoddess Are you going to the SFJ screening at WQED next week?
Man of the Decade @MissZindzi
. @drgoddess yep. Plus, they weren't snacking like people do today. Snacks are the biggest culprit, I think.
Nicole Deggins @SistaMidwife
@drgoddess there is a LOT that points to the fact that diets were better (hey sis!!! long time LOL) #SFJ
Dr. Goddess EXPERT #BlackWallstreet #TulsaMassacre @drgoddess
Yo, did this dude just say woman came from the man's rib, woman is good so ribs must be good?! LAAAWWWDDD!! #SoulFoodJunkies #PBS
Dr. Goddess EXPERT #BlackWallstreet #TulsaMassacre @drgoddess
Yeah, I don't think the extra bag of sugar comes from slavery... LOL. #SoulFoodJunkies
Dr. Goddess EXPERT #BlackWallstreet #TulsaMassacre @drgoddess
Every Minister from the NOI is SO dramatic! LOL! I'm here for it. You hear his voice change when he said "fried chicken?" #SoulFoodJunkies
Dara Cooper @sangodara
@drgoddess @diamonde Jessica Harris talks abt gardens that our ancestors had +veggies in slave diets in "High on the Hog" #soulfoodjunkies
Dr. Goddess EXPERT #BlackWallstreet #TulsaMassacre @drgoddess
I love Byron's granddad! That is SO typical! My great aunt said becuz I was able to sleep ANYWHERE, I was gon' BE somebody. #SoulFoodJunkies
Dr. Goddess EXPERT #BlackWallstreet #TulsaMassacre @drgoddess
I'm sad. RIP Mr. Hurt... Pancreatic cancer is a beast. I lost my uncle to it in just four months. #SoulFoodJunkies #PBS
Old Grey Mare @ifeedmilk4bb
@drgoddess I knew that to be true when I saw Fiddler in Roots snacking on peas, while talking to Kunta! Makes sense!
The Elevation Of @Ms_Polished
@drgoddess It IS!! Lost my grandmother to it 3 years ago, the Friday before Mother's Day.
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