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Sebuah Renungan, Thread Tentang Mengatasi Ketidakcocokan Dengan Mertua Ini Jadi Tamparan Bagi Yang Doyan Marah dan Dendam

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Sapientem @GospelJosiah


12/12/2019 09:16:51 WIB
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Y. Septian B. @YSBbukanSBY

@GospelJosiah There is no evil out there.. Inside your heart? Who knows..

12/12/2019 09:27:18 WIB
Bassey Destiny @DesBassey101

@GospelJosiah Nice one... All the evil we portray lives inside of us

12/12/2019 09:52:45 WIB
Guh @tqeguh

@GospelJosiah If you read carefully, the husband has 2 wives: Lisa and Liza

12/12/2019 09:54:12 WIB

@GospelJosiah @mccoyinnocent If only women will see their mother Inlaw as their biological mothers we won't ever have to entertain questions like 'should my mother Inlaw take the front seat of my husband's car, should my mother Inlaw enter my kitchen and dish food?"

12/12/2019 13:44:40 WIB
'TY Bibire Salihu ⚖ @tysalihu

@fragrance_scent @GospelJosiah @mccoyinnocent If The Mother in Law too could see the wives as their biological daughters.....its a two way street.

12/12/2019 14:18:08 WIB


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