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Putney has been awarded a bronze level sustainable travel award - let's keep up the good work with more safe and eco-friendly travel
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Amazing floating hotel in the shape of a star: AN eco-friendly resort soon to open in the Maldives has been shap... http://t.co/aIqYeRnK
URL NewsComAu Amazing Maldives floating hotel in the shape of a star GOT a spare few million dollars? You could own a hotel room on Star Island.
Going away for a trip around the world is always exciting.

If it is a green travel; meaning taking care of the planet, the environment and carbon emission it is even better.

But how many people with a suitcase or a backpack think that way?!

Probably not enough! Their main objective is to reach their destination(s) as quick as possible!

Maybe not the best attitude. Unfortunately, this is what the 21st century is bringing us: me first and the others behind!!!


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