"Nonton lagi, nangis lagi" Rekaman Alasan Mengejutkan Kakek 96 Tahun Disidang Ngebut di Area Sekolah, Ada Puteranya Penderita Kanker Butuh Darah

Good father good son
health viral kanker awesomes america cancer
Ken Webber @Ken_boyEP
@ValaAfshar And that’s how the law should work. 👍
Manuel García @Ozymandiax
@ValaAfshar There are judges, like this 1, & doctors, & people that just have common sense and do a lot of work. Because it's what they do and because they want to make things and make this world better.& then there's people that play being doctors, judges and so. And ALL they want is money
Henk @HTouber
@skrish2017 @ValaAfshar that's a good judge, we have to be more people like that in the world like him


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