Waleed Shahid @_waleedshahid
British people guess how much health care costs in the US — and they are shocked. pic.twitter.com/dkRzFRYoJD
King_Bob @KingBob_______
@_waleedshahid I think a major unsaid argument against M4A is it seems too good to be true. It will be free to get healthcare and even cost the country less???? Yeah, it turns out the system is too good for the people who own it.
Random Ron @RandomRon005
@_waleedshahid The US has to have the world's most over-inflated ego. What kind of country spends trillions on endless illegal wars, yet somehow tells its people it can't afford a single-payer system or fix its own infrastructure. The rest of the modern world thinks you're insane.
kevin Jiang-Mscisz @Super_Nerdtendo
@_waleedshahid the absolute WORST part is that most of the people here are convinced that not only is this the best system in the world, but they will fight to the death to keep it even if they're poor.
kevin Jiang-Mscisz @Super_Nerdtendo
@RandomRon005 @_waleedshahid it's even worse then that, if anyone even tries to talk about improving it the people who are hurt the most get up in arms because "won't someone think of the poor multi billionaire's profits" as if said billionaire is going to reward them their fortunes for defending them
jay @ recuperation @c0teof
@KingBob_______ @_waleedshahid Americans are so beaten down and broken by a lifetime under this system that the idea it could be better is seen as a total impossibility.
Paul Sorchoren @twiggytorterra
@_waleedshahid People jeer at me because I want to move to Canada and they’re like “oh you’ll spend many hours at the hospital” and I’m like “yeah I’ll learn temporary treatment and at least I’m not paying $50,000 for antibiotics (this is an exaggeration but give it a few years and it won’t be)
Our President is a Dope @mkmyers65
@_waleedshahid @IronStache That reporter should come here and randomly ask a few people how much they think these things cost in the UK and record the reactions on their face when he tells the them what it costs.
D.H. Austin @Terquem
@c0teof @KingBob_______ @_waleedshahid I work for *ahem* a govt sub contractor. We have an unspoken motto "We could try to make it better, but if we did, we wouldn't."
Vriess @JPVriess
@mkmyers65 @_waleedshahid @IronStache And then hear people explain it away with “yeah but socialism!” “Yeah but higher taxes”. “Yeah but you have to wait months” (even though none of that is true in any reasonable sense)
Tina McCulloch @tmccull603
@twiggytorterra @_waleedshahid No reason to jeer. I'm 🇨🇦, and a few yrs ago my mother had triple-bypass heart surgery. Pre-op apptmts, surgery, 3 wks in hospital, post-op follow-ups, physio = $0. All we paid was hospital parking. Govt #healthcare is awesome.
Vroom Vroom @Venti_Van
@Super_Nerdtendo @_waleedshahid wait why??? So poor people ACTUALLY want it to remain expensive????
Reynold @ignored_the
@Super_Nerdtendo @RandomRon005 @_waleedshahid No, it's more along the lines of "It's SOCIALISM™"! "We'll never let the USA become a socialist nation"! <--something Trump actually said They've been brainwashed for the past few decades by FOX, pulpit-pounding pinheads and "conservative" politicians.
AgTuíteáil @LMacMuiris
@c0teof @KingBob_______ @_waleedshahid The idea that it *should* be better is seen as an impossibility.
Tanner @TheeTswagg5
@RandomRon005 @_waleedshahid We are trying to fix that. We WANT Public transportation We WANT quality health care without going bankrupt. We WANT Cheap yet quality college and university. Its just no ones listening to us the people
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