@AnonymouSabu on the need to rise up & resist

Hector X. Monsegur @hxmonsegur

What people sadly dont realize is that our state of security + privacy rights are nearing extinction. We have abandoned our rights for sec

01/03/2012 16:55:02 WIB
Hector X. Monsegur @hxmonsegur

The federal government does not respect your rights or privacy. It reads your emails. Messages. Attaches GPS to your cars. It is reality!

01/03/2012 16:57:04 WIB
Hector X. Monsegur @hxmonsegur

And of course if you say things like that people will label you paranoid. Or question your motives or sanity. I question their naivity.

01/03/2012 17:00:11 WIB
Hector X. Monsegur @hxmonsegur

I've said it before but any and all anons arrested should be treated as Political Prisoners and should be treated accordingly.

01/03/2012 17:01:29 WIB
Hector X. Monsegur @hxmonsegur

And to all anons who have suffered the fate of being arrested for anons causes: stay strong. Do not allow them to break you. We are together

01/03/2012 17:02:17 WIB
Hector X. Monsegur @hxmonsegur

If you haven't noticed my focus has been to educate you. Help you accept that questioning authority is OK and is your right. That ppl=power

01/03/2012 17:06:19 WIB
Hector X. Monsegur @hxmonsegur

We must make them take us seriously. We are past the lulz(though we do enjoy it and indulge) but we are united. And we're done being ruled.

01/03/2012 17:09:54 WIB
Hector X. Monsegur @hxmonsegur

Rise up from your apathy. Resist your governments control of your rights as stated in your constitutions. And unite with your people.

01/03/2012 17:12:55 WIB
Hector X. Monsegur @hxmonsegur

At the very least if our people can not wake up for a revolution let their minds plant seeds of revolution for the next generations to come.

01/03/2012 17:19:15 WIB
Hector X. Monsegur @hxmonsegur

They can not arrest an idea. Especially not one meant to empower the people. Do not fear your government. Question it. Change it. REVOLUTION

01/03/2012 17:41:15 WIB


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