Ngakak Ketika Ada yang Komentar Coca Cola "Didesain oleh Alien" Ketika Kandungan Plastiknya Tersembunyi dengan Apik Lalu Dibongkar oleh Video Ini

what is it?
RT @RT_com

Looks like an ordinary aluminum soda can. But what is it truly hiding? 🤔

27/11/2019 04:40:00 WIB
Gonzalo Diaz @gonzalo_1314

@RT_com you all know that aluminum poisoning is a thing... right?

27/11/2019 04:44:10 WIB
Víðarr Kerr @KerrVidarr

@RT_com Another reason to ONLY drink fresh, clean, fluoride free WATER.

27/11/2019 04:48:14 WIB
Kelly @StrantzIsHere

@gonzalo_1314 @RT_com I love aluminum. I'm 50 and have never had a problem.

27/11/2019 04:52:18 WIB

@RT_com I think the composition of the Coke Cola can is the least of anyone's worries.....

27/11/2019 04:57:08 WIB
Gonzalo Diaz @gonzalo_1314

@StrantzIsHere @RT_com in excess it can cause neurotoxicity which can drive to alzheimers. just like most metals, its okay in the right porpotion but without the plastic lining coca-cola would be way more toxic to the human organism than it already is.

27/11/2019 04:57:33 WIB
💊Punished☠️Dango🍄 @kushii_dango

@Hemmels @RT_com It's the internal plastic lining of soda and really any other type of can, that contain BPA (bisphenol-A). Over time it can cause toxic effects upon human organs and fetuses.

27/11/2019 06:37:35 WIB
Michael Lingard BSc. DO. WPNut.Cert. @buteykomike

@RT_com Presumably there’s a plastic container in every aluminum Coca Cola can!

27/11/2019 07:29:59 WIB


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